Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Criminal Minded Rouge Nation ''North Korea'', detested by all and controlled by China

To know the mind set of the governing power of this enigmatic nation
we need not delve into ancient past of its rich culture.

A short backward step of six or seven decades, to the 2nd World War.
The Korean peninsula was divided at 38th degree latitude int
o two nations. North and South.

For the North the Russian Communist leader Josep S
talin hand picked Kim ill-sung to lead the North Korean nation.

Josep Stalin Russian Leader

Kim Il-sung was a Communist politician. A guerilla fighter against the Japanese in Manchuria during the 1930s. Kim took the name of Kim Il-sung, an earlier Korean guerilla fighter. His n
ame at birth was Kim Sun Ju. A pure and simple fraud of a man.

He was little educated cruel man. The constitution has him as the country's "Eternal President" The days of his birth and death are public holidays in North Korea. And school children are taught ''The great leader at his death rode on a pure white horse high into the Heaven''. Even though religion is banned in North Korea.

Kim Il-sung was succeeded in 1994 by his son Kim Jong-il, the current "Great Leader". Kim Jong-il has nominated last week his 3rd son, Kim Jong Un as his lawful successor.

North Korea is rich in mineral resources. But bad management made it
never to produce enough food or any other consumer goods. However, it produced nuclear bomb and high
powered rocket system that could reach America.

Millions of North Koreans have died of starvation. Hundreds of thousands were executed for trying to escape out of the country.
Chinese Police or Border Patrol track and arrest the escapees with
trained dogs. And when returned to North Korea they are mercilessly executed.

North Korea abducted hundreds of Jappanese women from sea beaches and used them as sex slaves and language teachers.

A North Korean cargo ship was seized by Australia in 2003 after the crew was observed unloading heroin.

In 1968, North Korea seized the U.S. intel
ligence ship Pueblo and imprisoned its crew for 11 months, and in 1969 it shot down an American reconnaissance plane.

North Korea officially engages in the production of high-quality counterfeit USA $100 bills.

North Korean Gen. O Kuk-ryol in charge of cr
eating the false $100 bills.

He was recently promoted to the country's powerful National Defense Commission.

Several members of the general's family are also believed to be involved in this racket.

What more can we expect from this rouge nation ?

Umpteen number of times this rouge leader and his father have broken their word to cease nuclear operations for exchange of fuel oil and food and clothing.

Recently it conducted an under-ground atomic bomb against the ruling of the United Nations.

It launched a rocket missile and said it had launched a satellite.

Lastly it had announced the armistice signed after the Korean War of the 1950s as nul and void.

Lies and more lies are the norm of this shameless ''rouge'' nation.

All its crimes cannot be listed in this short article.

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