Monday, November 23, 2009

FIFA has swollen ''head'' and it's time it's bloated ego is punctured to set it down to size, if NOT Soccer would be lost for us

FIFA has swollen ''head'' and it's time it's bloated ego is punctured to set it down to size,  if NOT Soccer would be lost for us.

Today two personalities are engrossed in this tale of ''handball'' difficulty of FIFA.

The Player of France and President of FIFA.

The player is of course,  the ''suddenly'' contraversial figure of the French Captain,  Henry Theiry,  and his ''hand-ball'' that knocked out Ireland. 

Why ''suddenly'' ?

Why not, indeed !   

Take a glance at the record,  that shows no negatives,  except for this ''handball'',  and plenty of positives.

The other personality is the ''controversial'' Joseph S. Blatter,  commonly known as Sepp Blatter,  the 73 year old,   Swede,  the 8th president of FIFA.

We will discuss,  in our next post,  this man against whom several accusations were made but investigations were halted halfway.

Now for Henry Theiry of France: 

1... a prolific striker and Arsenal's all-time leading scorer with 226 goals
2... won two league titles and three FA Cups
3... twice nominated for the FIFA World Player of the Year
4...  named the PFA Players' Player of the Year twice
5...  the Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year three times
6... final two seasons with Arsenal as club captain, leading them to the UEFA Champions League final in 2006.

All these laurels despite his unfortunate beginnings in a poor and tough neighbourhood of Paris.   And no infamous reputation for bad behaviour on or off the football field. 

In fact,  Henry was considered an iconic figure.

That calls for sound ''up bringing'';  the credit goes to his parents, especially his mother.

In that fateful match against Ireland,  Henry Thiery did handle the ball.  Twice he did so.   The TV shows it.  

The Referee didn't see it.   But,  please note,  the Referee ''DID NOT'' question/ask the player,  when comotion erupted,  ''Was there a hand ball ?'' !

A Soccer match refree has the ''right'' to question a player,  when in doubt,  and the player is obliged to answer truthfully.

But the Referee of the Match did not ask Henry Thiery.

And Henry ''DID NOT'' own up to the hand ball  immediately,  during the game,  or even just after the final whistle went.

Henry was seen racing about celebrating the pseudo-victory.   

Did not the gravity of 'hand ball' sink in him ?   So he cheated.   Guilty by subsequent behaviour. QED.

The whole of Soccer World has watched and seen the shameful scenes. 

Ireland requested a replay of the game.

FIFA refused to consider TV evidence and rejected the appeal of the victim-team outright; on its stubborn rules: ''play to the whistle'' and ''referee's ruling is final''.

Not knowing this intransigence ruling of FIFA the pressurized Henry owns up to the press,  the following day,   ''Yes,  I handled the ball as an automatic reaction and definitely not to cheat - - -  in all fairness the game should be replayed''.

Next the all-powerful,  FIFA lambasts Henry Thiery for his ''owning up'' statement to the press after the omnipotent,  FIFA has ruled out re-play of the match.

Did anyone of FIFA officials,  leave alone the ''Creepy'' President,  contact Henry Thiery and advise him of their ''no replay'' decision and advice him ''not to issue press statements''.

Does FIFA treats players with humane respect ?

Did FIFA show respect to the feelings of the player mired in a controversy,  for the moment ?

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Marriage is license to hold, caress, cuddle and kiss an adorable person and do what comes naturally

Marriage is Man Made and Unnecessary for Social Security?  

Marriage is  license to hold, caress, cuddle and kiss an adorable person and do what comes naturally

What is this indecent hurry or need to get married, and why do we think it will fulfill our life's aspirations ?

The institution of marriage needs to be protected with contracts and promises, because it is a man-made. And therefore not perfect.

Marriage is a license to have sex with a particular person.

It is also a license to bear children that form as a result of the act of natural copulation. 

We feel the need to make the other person commit himself or herself so we can control them - - -  so we can be sure they will be with us for us to feel safe.  

It is a need to receive public approval associated with marriage

 In a marriage between two persons who love each other unconditionally, there is no need to tie the other person to a contract to control him or her. 

The root phrase is  ''unconditional love''.   It gives the partner the freedom of speech and action that we all crave for..

Surely we do not want to own a ''Slave''. do we ?

We wish to control others because we lack self-love.
Whatever that means to you !

We value our worth by the opinion of those around us.

We do NOT look on the darker side of our partner before marriage.  

And when it raises its ugly head,  affter marriage,  we tred the expensive and heart rending path of Divorce and legal battles.

Do anyone of us deserve this curse ? !

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

British newspapers are dismayed at the choice of EU presidency but they cannot hold a candle to the choice of 27 leaders of E U

Herman van Rompuy and Baroness Catherine Ashton
Belgian PM Herman van Rompuy was named President of the European Council. 

Briton Baroness Catherine Ashton was made EU foreign affairs supremo. 

The US has welcomed the appointment of the first permanent EU president and foreign representative.
British newspapers were not happy.   They said the choices would not help the EU to achieve a greater global impact.

The owners and editors of these papers didn't have the courtesy of acknowledging  that,
Mr Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton were chosen unanimously for the positions 
by the 27 leaders at a summit in Brussels.  This includes the British PM too.

The British papers questioned whether Baroness Ashton would carry much weight in her role.

It looks like British papers were rooting for Tony Blair and are disappointed along with him.

But why pick on  Baroness Ashton ?   Let's see what he has to say about her appointment. 

Baroness Ashton said she would pursue a policy of "quiet diplomacy" in her role as High Representative for Foreign Affairs. 

She said she had the relevant skills for the job and that she had developed strong relationships during her time as EU Trade Commissioner. 

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said   she was looking forward to working closely with Mr Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton on issues of mutual concern, including the Iranian nuclear debate, achieving stability in Afghanistan and promoting a peace agreement in the Middle East.

The President of the EU Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, also praised the appointments, saying it would be "impossible to find a better choice than those personalities for the European Union leadership". 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said of Mr Van Rompuy  "We got a candidate who brings consensus and whose political competence have long been tested and tried throughout his political career,"

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said it had been "a very wise decision" to choose a candidate from "an important country but not one of the most important countries, so that no-one will feel excluded" from EU debate. 

Do the British papers think they are better than these people we have quoted above ?  


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sensual description of beauty ''Sita'' looking at Rama for the first time and how her 'alkul' twitched for joy

 Women Farmer has no land Rights

Every worthy language has its own literature developed over 1000s of years.

In them we experience poetic description of beautiful and captivatng women.   In Greek the story of Helen of Troy
tells us in a beautiful description: ''The Face That Launched 1000 Ships''.  

Then we have the ''Seven Veils Dance of Salome'', after which she asks for and is given the head of 
John the baptizer of Jesus, on a platter.  Grusome people. 

Coming to East we have the sensual description of the beauty ''Sita'' looking from her balcony,  
at Rama down below for the first time and how her 'alkul' twitched for joy, 
according to the sage poet Kampan, not me, no Sir, not at all Sir.

But do we have any religion in the world that grants equal rights to woman with man ?


And if ''necessity'' is the father or mother of invention,  then of 'necessity' we got to invent
a woman look  alike God and a religion to suit the new deity.

Besides,  world over,  food is grown and produced by agriculture services.  And it is women 
who handle most of the manual labour work in farms.

And they have no ''Land Rights''.

"Consider the daily life of the world’s typical small farmer," said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,   "She lives in a rural village in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, or Latin America."

That's right: women grow more than half of the world's food,  as much as 80 percent,  of the food in developing countries, reports the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Despite their majority contribution, however, women only own 2 percent of the world's land, according to UN WomenWatch. 

Around the world, women are deprived of legal rights to the land they toil over day after day.

Rural Development Institute (RDI), an NGO that helps farmers in developing countries get legal land rights.   It is launching a new Global Center for Women's Land Rights. 

Obama pledged a minimum of $3.5 billion over the next three year as a contribution to the $20 billion pledged by all the G-8 nations toward strengthening global agricultural systems.

"We have seen again and again . . . that women are entrepreneurial, accountable, and practical," said Clinton. "So women are a wise investment. And since the majority of the world’s farmers are women, it’s critical that our investments in agriculture leverage their ambition and perseverance."

At last the world seems to be crawling around to progress, on bended knee though !

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

''Blackwater'' Iraq's Security Services hired by ''Halliburton'' of Dick Cheney and bribed to cover up shooting of 17 civilians

We know Halliburton company rakes in billions of dollars the world over --- Just as Osama bin Laden said in his tapes.
Osama has quoted only this company, ever, as making money out of ''wars''.

And also we know a senior administrator in  US Army was dismissed for :
1... for testifying to expose the blatant  fraud of over charging Pentagon for millions dollars for fuel supplied in Iraq.

2... for granting a billion dollar contract to Halliburton company without calling for tender bids.

Halliburton was kicked out of Iraq when their guads shot and killed 17 civilians and bribes of  millions of dollars failed to cover up the story.

 Halliburton is now Xe Services.

Taliban in Pakistan has vehemently denied responsibility for a recent bombings in Swat valley.  

It is pointing towards Xe Services.  And at Pakistan's security services.. 

Western Media reports that Blackwater denies having any contracts in Pakistan.

Xe Services too denied their presence in Pakistan under contract or no contract.   Their Director,  Stacey DeLuke,  told  ''We have no contract there in Pakistan''.

But Christian Science Monitor says the Xe Services company "now provides security for a US-backed aid project" in the city of Peshawar.

Peshawar was the city where recent bombings killed hundreds of people.   

The accuracy of targets suggests ''collusion between the attackers and security forces'', goes the popular gossip.

 "Car bombers have struck at army and anti-terror police headquarters in the past two years without the slightest hindrance."

And Xe Services is another name for ''Halliburton'' Security Services company.

Now who is telling the truth or bribing out of trouble ? !

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Manny Pacquiao, wonder boxer, only world champion in ''seven'' weight divisions, his speed doesn't slow till end of last round

  Manny                                 Corazon

Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao (pronounced ''pækjaʊ'', born December 17, 1978,  

He is more commonly known as ''Manny''  Pacquiao.  A Filipino professional boxer. 
The only septuple (seven) weight world champion in boxing history.  

Presently, he fights in the welterweight division.

Ring Magazine rates him as the #1 ''pound-for-pound'' boxer in the world.

Pacquiao has participated in politics, acting in films, and music recording.

Pacquiao was born in Mindanao, the Muslim province of insurgency.  
But   currently resides in General Santos City. 
His wife is Jinkee Pacquiao and they have four children. 

On February 24, 2007, in Cebu City, Pacquiao was booed by thousands of spectators.

Shows fickleness of mind of his Filipino supporters. 

Pacquiao's appeal diminished due to his political ambition. His fights attract noticeably smaller audiences,  says biographer in Wikipedia.. 

President Arroyo's endorsement of Pacquiao is in place,  whenever he takes the plunge into serious politics.

On May 17, 2007, Pacquiao suffered a lopsided election defeat with a deficit of approximately 37,000 votes.  
He lost a huge sum of money.   
His supporters funneled campaign funds to their own pockets. 

He became the first Filipino athlete to appear on a postage stamp.

Pacquiao was quoted by ''Time'' Magazine as an influential person of the year 2009. 

''Forbes'' Magazine had him in its annual Celebrity 100 list for the year 2009. 

Forbes also listed Pacquiao as the world's sixth highest-paid athlete, with a total of $40 million. 

Philipines is the first country to successfuly use ''people's power'' to chase the hated Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos from Presidential Palace.

People's President Curazon Acquino handed over power voluntarily when her term of office was over.  

Much more decent a politician than most today.

Writer is proud to have had her as a pen friend in 1950s.

Philipines is also sadly a country that has one its former presidents in prison, Joseph Estrada.

Estrada should not have been elected for any public office in the first place.
He was a film actor,  well known and publicly accepted ''womanizer'' and an unprincipled man in life throughout.

Manny Pacquiao may be sympathetic towards poor people.  

But the question remains: Will the other selfishly crafty politicians of Philipines allow him to do a proper job ?

Observers doubt it very much !

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mikhail Gorbachev, was a man not honored sufficiently for the example he set as a Leader of a Nation.

” The crowd, chanting “Gorby, Gorby, Gorby,” realised Mikhail Gorbachev had done something unique, strange and wonderful for a world leader.  He identified problem of his 'communist' system and its 'centralized' ways and changed its course to abide by humane policies.

Mikhail Gorbachev, was a man not honored sufficiently,  by an ungrateful world,  for the example he set as a Leader of a Nation.  

The surrender of immense political power.  Something we wish and yearn for but never expect from leaders or politicians.
Mikhail Gorbachev, helped immensely to destroy the Berlin Wall built by earlier Soviet Leader, Nikita Kuruchev,  the man who condemned the deeds of Joseph Stalin, murderer of 15 million Russians. 

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, showered praise on the former Soviet leader.   She spoke at the ceremony marking the fall of the Berlin Wall: “You courageously allowed things to happen, and that was much more than we could have expected.”
Surrender of political power, giving up personal advantages,  and spurning international recognition, was never seen national leaders in all history.   See what Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is doing today. 

Mikail Gorbachev set the example of self-sacrifice for the common good.

Gorbachev ignored the cowboy rantings of Ronald Regan and reached out to Margaret Thatcher.   She said , '' I like Mr. Gorbachev; we can do business together.” 

It is the British premier who influenced President Reagan to take conciliatory and not confrontational stance. 

Gorbachev reacted favourably and brought the Cold War to an end. 

Soviets waged war against Muslim fanatics - - -  US supplied Stinger rockets to Afghan Warlords and destroyed Soviet helicopters. 

Now US is blaming terrorists but can't tackle them.  CIA sided with Osama bin Laden then and called him ''freedom fighters''.

Now US call them ''terrorists''.   

Any logic or truth in this ?

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Imgine the hardship her family went through to achieve this high status in American society of 'anti-Black' mentality, in general

Hnest & Brave Bunny                Dick Cheney

Bunnatine  H. Greenhouse, born in the middle of cotton country in the Louisiana delta,  at the mid-century,  slave family of ''Slave Country'', US of America.
Her parents, Chris and Savannah Hayes, were uneducated and numbingly poor, stuck in a world run by richer, more powerful whites.

Bunny's older sister grew up to be one of the first black professors at Louisiana State University. 
An older brother got his doctorate and taught at Southern University in Baton Rouge. 
Her kid brother, Elvin -- Elvin Hayes -- grew up to score 27,000 points in the National Basketball Association - - - Captained the Washington Bullets to their 1978 title - - - and be named, as one of the best 50 athletes to ever play. 

From 'slave' poor family to erudite professorships of both daughters and height of athleticism in Basketball by only son speaks welll of the tenacity and discipline of the parents.

We can imgine the hardship the family went through to achieve this high status in American society ridden with 'crude mentality'.  And the American 'anti-Black' mentality, in general, did not change and hasn't changed even today.

The honest, strict, efficient, black, woman, administrator wouldn't toe the line drawn by the 'Crook' Dick Cheney and testified against the company 'Halliburton' and its fraudulent ways.   Read here for details

We salute you Madam, and would support in whichever way you wish in your battle with the 'Crook' Cheney and his Halliburton. 

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. has admitted being responsible "from A to Z" for the 9/11 attacks.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed pictured at Guantanamo Bay in July 2009
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. has admitted being responsible "from A to Z" for the 9/11 attacks.

Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, said this demonstrates "to the world that the most powerful nation on earth also trusts its judicial system".

Two Yemenis, a Saudi and a Pakistani-born Kuwaiti and  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will face trial.

They are accused of helping finance and plan the attacks of 11 September 2001 which killed 3,000 people. 

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed believed to be the number three of al-Qaeda. 

He was captured in Pakistan in March 2003. He told a pre-trial hearing at Guantanamo in December 2008 that he wanted to plead guilty to all charges against him.

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US is Thinking — UK is Promising — Germany is Sending — Big-Crook-Election-Thief is Driving — Taliban is Thriving

US is Thinking  —  UK is Promising  —  Germany is Sending  —  Big-Crook-Election-Thief is Driving  —  Commander Needs More Troops  —  Envoy says ''NO''  —  Taliban is Thriving  

That's about sums up the situation today in Afghanistan.

There's an unseen,  well hidden fact.  

The answer to the sensible question: ''Why is it taking so much time for Pakistan Army to tackle Taliban ?''

Answer: ''ISI [Inter Services Intelligence] of Pakistan organized and trained Taliban using money given by US to Pakistan government to fight terrorists.

The Islamic religious attachment between ISI of Pakistan and Taliban does not permit the Army to annihilaate Taliban.

There was no Taliban until the Afghanistan’s civil war.

The Taliban—from the Arabic word for student, “taleb”—are fundamentalist Sunni Muslims.  The Taliban dominates large  areas of Afghanistan and a large part of Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

Soviet troops went home in February 1989, after 10 years of  occupation.   But by that time the nation was in socil and economic chaos. 

1.5 million dead, millions of refugees and orphans in Iran and Pakistan. 

Political vacuum.   The warlords tried to fill. Afghan mujahideen warlords began a civil war. 

Thousands of Afghan orphans grew up never knowing Afghanistan or their parents, especially their mothers. They were schooled in Pakistan’s madrassas [religious schools].

They were financed by Pakistan and Saudi authorities to develop militant Islamists. 

Pakistan got vast sums of money from US is a well known fact.  Pakistan nurtured that corps of militants as proxy fighters in Kashmir. 

But Pakistan intended to use the madrassas’ militants to control Afghanistan as well. 

Pakistan is the trouble maker of the region.   And as usual,  US backs the wrong horse,  time and time again.

That's the musical chair Pakistan is playing and Americans are paying.

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"she is being demoted because of her strict adherence to procurement requirements and the Army's preference to sidestep them when it suits their needs."

Bunnatine Greenhouse, a civil servant with 20 years of contracting experience - - -  She had complained to Army officials on numerous occasions that Halliburton had been unlawfully receiving special treatment for work in Iraq, Kuwait and the Balkans. 

Criminal investigations were opened by the U.S. Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Pentagon's inspector general.

In one of the many examples of abuse, Greenhouse said that military auditors caught Halliburton overcharging the Pentagon for fuel deliveries into Iraq. She also complained that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's office took control of every aspect of Halliburton's $7 billion Iraqi oil/infrastructure contract. After her testimony, Greenhouse was demoted, allegedly for poor performance.

 Greenhouse had received excellent performance ratings in the past. Greenhouse's attorney, Michael Kohn, stated in the New York Times that "she is being demoted because of her strict adherence to procurement requirements and the Army's preference to sidestep them when it suits their needs." 

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

US has begun legal action to seize four mosques and a New York city skyscraper. These are owned by a non-profit Muslim organisation Alavi Foundation.

US has begun legal action to seize four mosques and a New York city skyscraper. 

These are owned by a non-profit Muslim organisation Alavi Foundation.

It is said this org illegally funnelled money to Bank Melli of Iranian government.

The bank is funding Iran's nuclear weapons programme. 

US citizens are banned from dealing with it.

Total assets involved are more than $500m (£300m). 

Would be one of the biggest counter-terrorism seizures in US history.

They are four Shia mosques in New York City, Maryland, California and Houston, as well as a 36-story office building on New York's Fifth Avenue.

Also US President Barack Obama renewed the longstanding US economic sanctions against Iran for another year.

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Hindu leaders in Britain have teamed up with Prince Philip and the UN to launch a long-term action plan that will engage with the community worldwide

Prince Philip joins British Hindus to fight climate change

LONDON: Hindu leaders in Britain have teamed up with Prince Philip and the UN to launch a long-term action plan that will engage with the 
community worldwide in the fight against climate change, an Oxford University centre said. 

The Bhumi Project was launched Friday after a three-way meeting between Hindu leaders, Prince Philip - the husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II - and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as part of this week's environmental summit at Windsor Castle, attended by over 200 faith leaders from nine major world religions. 

The meeting was called by the UN Development Programme and the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC), a secular body founded by Prince Philip to help world religions develop their own environmental programmes. 

Over the next nine years, the Bhumi Project will implement a series of initiatives to help Hindus engage in environmental action to better care for the planet, Oxford University's Centre for Hindu Studies said. 

"Hindu tradition and history is replete with stories and references to 'bhumi', to mother earth, and we want to help Hindus re-learn these sacred teachings and find new relevance for them in the modern world," said Centre director Shaunaka Rishi Das, who helped formulate the project.

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Last week, the giant chip maker ''Intel'', announced it would pay $1.25 billion to settle with AMD after years of legal battle and few days before Court Case

We all know our computers are run on Chips.  Few firms make chips.  Of them ''Intel'' is the giant.  It controls almost 80% of the market.
Like ''Windows''  controling 90% of the OS market.

Next to Intel comes the ''AMD''.   Advanced Micro Devices.   

AMD, founded 40 years ago.  It rose to prominence as a maker of Intel-compatible chips.
But it could NOt produce better products than Intel.   Both chip makers engaged in devastating price wars.

That naturally made them engage in legal  'wars' too.

A court case was scheduled to commence next week.

However,  last week,  the giant chip maker ''Intel'',  announced it would pay $1.25 billion to settle with AMD.

Intel is facing antitrust challenges around the world. 
Sometime back,  last year,  'Windows' owner Microsoft paid some 4 billion dollars as fine imposed by European Union for illegal market practises.

The settlement does not end Intel’s antitrust problems. 
Governments in Europe, the United States and Asia have accused ''Intel'' of rewarding computer makers to use its chips instead of those made by A.M.D.

The settlement of last week covers mainly AMD’s claims that Intel rewarded computer makers that used only ''Intel'' chips.
And punished those that used AMD chips. 

“We have never wavered in our position that Intel did nothing outside the law,” said Intel’s chief executive, Paul S. Otellini. “It made sense to step back and find a way to settle this.”

Intel contends that it never engaged in tactics to exclude A.M.D. from the marketplace but agreed in the settlement not to do so in the future.

AMD chips are being used by Professor Negroponte's project of 'One-Computer-Per-Child' to enhance education in poor countries.
Originally Intel agreed to supply the microprocessor chips for professor's magnanimous project.
But professor chased Intel out for business malpractices, and engaged AMD.

Windows and Intel are of the same variety.  Avarice and Greed consumes them both.

Why not we use an 'Open Source' OS in the market: ''Ubuntu'' instead of 'Windows' and opt for computers with AMD chips ?   

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Bunny Greenhouse the ''Nemeses'' of Dick 'Crook' Cheney, ceo of Halliburton, Defense Secretary, Vice-President of US, pusher for 'wars' for profit


Who is Bunny Greenhouse?  Why did this black woman hit the headlines in US papers and TVs?

Bunny stood up for honesty and integrity in US Army administration !

Bunny was top procurement official at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Bunny Greenhouse was 61,  at $137,000-a-year post.

Bunny refused to bow down to the all powerful Dick Cheney - - - So powerful that it is Dick Cheney who selected Junior George Bush to run for the American presidency - - - and NOT the other way around,  as is normal.

The stupid non-entity was easy to control.

Bunny Greenhouse was dismissed from her post just because she pointed out a fraud and testified against Halliburton company and Dick Cheney.

Dick Cheney is CEO of Halliburton.   Everyone knows that.   Common knowledge.

Under Dick Cheney the Halliburton company rose from 73rd largest defense contractor to 18th in rank.  From $100 million to $1.5 billion.

Your mind will boggle if you read the wrong doings of Halliburton company,  mainly under Dick Cheney,  in this site :

Could there be any ''crook'' so bold as to behave in this criminal manner and still escape without any inquiry or investigation ?

Yes,  world over,  Halliburton's 101,000 employees are spread across more than 120 countries.

Halliburton's revenue was $16 billion in 2003, largely because of its military contracts in the middle east.

As an example we will take one incident out of the 1000s of cases against Halliburton company the world over.

Weeks before start of Iraq war, the US Army feared Saddam Hussein would explode his oil wells, just as he did during the previous 1991 war. 

US Army awarded Halliburton a ''no-bid'' contract for extinguishing Iraqi oil well fires and rebuilding the country's oil infrastructure. 

It was a two-year, cost plus contract worth up to $7 billion.  Granted without calling for ''Bids'' from other companies.

Dick Cheney's Army people said ''It's an emergency and there wasn't time to call for bids - - - and only Halliburton company had the men and facilities for the job''.

Two big Qns - - - What was the US Army doing during all those months Bush and Cheney were calling out for a war with Iraq ?
                              How come Halliburton later called in other companies on sub-contracts,  if there wasn't any other company to handle the job ? 

Bunny Greenhouse challenged this, in writing, and she was threatened by Dick Cheney's people.

She bravely testified in US Congress against this fraudulent grant of contract - - - and also of how Halliburton company charged and received millions of dollars over and above for the fuel it supplied to US Army in Iraq.

Few weeks later she was fired from her post.

She will fight her case of discrimination under race, skin of her colour, and gender.

We will support her by blogging to expose the Crook Cheney - - - Some bloggers in US have received threats from unknown sources.

Truth and Honesty will previl - - - Must prevail.

Next we will see how Bunny was brought up - - - from 'poor' black to 'shine' - - -  and recruited into 
US Army administration.

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[Higher They are Lower They Stoop] Toronto gang member Sanjeev Kuhendrarajah ...

Thangachi,  you say:   ''voice for tamils?? good. at last I could see something good in your politics.''

As for me அப்பன் செய்தாலும் குற்றம் குற்றமே - - - becuase of this நாய் குணம் in my young age I quarreled with my warden father, fought with senior bully in schook of agriculture, at work with deputy commissioner because of his arrogance,  cheif accountant because of his jealousy [won this grandly], senior member in communist party, administrative officer in education department because of his சாதி பாக்கும் குணம், my father whar he spoke of my wife, and so on.
Of course I did not like the way Pirapakaran forcefully led Lankan Tamils on a confrontational 
path that was opening to no where - - - I ddid not like him when he refused to accept that India will never allow a Tamil land in the ''north of Lanka'' becuase the ''tamils in north lanka will join forces with tamils in Tamil Nadu'' and weaken the hand of Hindhi speaking ''north India'' - - - this is a geographical and political fact - - - in 1956 when Manickaidaikaadaar         [my boss in 'food control department' and brilliant man] asked me ''young man, what;s your favourite subject in school?''
''Geography Sir''
''Tell me how we can reduce the cost of food?'' [lanka was importing much food then]
''Cut the distance Sir, to reduce cost of transport''
''How do you do that?''
''Cut a canal through India and Ceylon Sir, and ships can go on a reduced distance Sir''
''Who told you that?''
''Anyone can see that Sir, if they look at the world map''
''Where did you learn''
''St Patrick's Sir''
''From where are you ?''
''Atchuvely Sir''
''Thamby, unseen interested parties will never allow a canal through north of Ceylon''.
Later only I heard he was a brilliant scholar and he proposed the ''sethu samuthra'' canal for the first time - - - later he wrote from malaysia articles to papers and magazines and letters to me [ am very proud of these letters - all destroyed].
That's your dada - - - hope you can tell these little things to your nilu and one day she will stand up for the ''weak'', the ''poor'', and the ''Right'' even if the whole world is against !

On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 6:14 PM, Shona A <> wrote:
voice for tamils?? good. I last I could see something in your politics.

P In support of our environment, we recommend not printing email except when absolutely necessary.


Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 19:40:20 -0800
Subject: [Higher They are Lower They Stoop] Toronto gang member Sanjeev Kuhendrarajah ...

Toronto gang member Sanjeev Kuhendrarajah with criminal record, deported from Canada, is now, spokesman for boatload of Tamil Refugees
Let's think: ''Will ordinary innocent Lankan Tamils select a criminal to speak unless they too are criminals''.

When will we Lankan Tamils select a leader without crimnal record or penchant for gun and violence

We Lankan Tamils are ''ignorant fools'' in the eyes of the International Community as we had such a leader in the recent past 

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dick Cheney got Pentagon to pay Halliburton company's subsidiary Brown & Root Services over $8.5 million. Why ?


Dick Cheney was the Defense Secretary - - - The first war in Iraq ''Desert Storm'' under Papa George Bush was over in 1991.

Dick Cheney got Pentagon to pay Halliburton company's subsidiary Brown & Root Services over $8.5 million.   Why ?

Dick Cheney was Chairman of Halliburton company before he resigned to become the Defense Secretary.

The money $8.5 was paid to ''Study the use of ''private military forces''  to function alongside with American soldiers in combat zones during a war of course.

Halliburton is the only company mentioned by Osama bin Laden in an April 2004 tape 

 Osama bin Laden claimed that this war in Afghanistan is benefiting major company Halliburton with billions of dollars.

Halliburton selected Blackwater Private Security Company - - -  and Blackwater Guards shot and killed seventeen Iraq people.

And bribe was offered to shut the mouths of Iraq high officials.

Now do you see why we want Dick Cheney and George Bush, along with their henchman Tony Blair be prosecuted as War Criminals.

Next we will see how a honest US Army Auditor was demoted for reporting against Halliburton.

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Toronto gang member Sanjeev Kuhendrarajah with criminal record, deported from Canada, is now, spokesman for boatload of Tamil Refugees

Toronto gang member Sanjeev Kuhendrarajah with criminal record, deported from Canada, is now, spokesman for boatload of Tamil Refugees

Let's think: ''Will ordinary innocent Lankan Tamils select a criminal to speak unless they too are criminals''.

When will we Lankan Tamils select a leader without crimnal record or penchant for gun and violence

We Lankan Tamils are ''ignorant fools'' in the eyes of the International Community as we had such a leader in the recent past 

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

French Army Fell and Hitler's Army Walked Over France and French Gen Charles de Gaulle took refuge in England though he hated the British

French General Charles de Gaulle was a Tall Man with a Very Small Mind

French pride was wiped off the face of earth in the early 1940s.   

General Charles de Gaulle and all the other high rankers took refuge in England and formed a French Government away from home.

Please note General Charles de Gaulle took refuge in England.

Till 1944 the Nazi-Germany ruled France - - - And here began the world famous story of Anne Frank.   

The French Police were hunting down the Jews of France along with the Armed Forces of Nazi-Germany.  And sadly Anne too perished with her family.

Nevertheless,  there was a French Resistence Movement that sabotaged the works of Nazi-Germany,  very courageously indeed.

A young English soldier,  Capt Petr Lake volunteered to train French Resistance Fighters.   

All around him was saying he was doing a wonderful job and the resistance guerrilla warriors he trained were a damn headache to Nazi-German Army.

Capt Lake was known by his French field name Jean-Pierre Lenormand.

Peter Lake was awarded the Military Cross and France's Croix de Guerre for his actions in the run-up to D-Day.

Newly released files show now,  to the utter shame of France,  just three months after the Allied landings, the leader of Free France, Gen Charles de Gaulle,  told Capt Peter Lake, that he  had "no business" there in France. 

The British officer who trained French Resistance fighters during World War II was told to "go home" by Charles de Gaulle.   

A soldier decorated by France for his services to that nation. 

Mr Lake died in June this year,  aged 94, but his account of the meeting has been released by the National Archives.

It is contained within his Special Operations Executive personnel file and describes a meeting with Gen de Gaulle in the town of Saintes, south-west France, on 18 September 1944.

Mr Lake, then a captain, spoke fluent French and was known by the field name Jean-Pierre Lenormand.

He decided to join a number of French officers who went along to greet the general, but was surprised by the conversation that followed.

General de Gaulle: "Jean-Pierre, that's a French name."

Mr Lake: "My nom de guerre, mon general."

Gen de Gaulle: "What are you doing here?"

Mr Lake: "I belong to the Inter-Allied Mission for Dordogne, and I am at the moment with Dordogne troops at Marennes, mon general."

Gen de Gaulle: "But what are you doing here?"

Mr Lake: "I am training certain troops for special operations."

Gen de Gaulle: "Our troops don't need training. You have no business here."

Mr Lake: "I obey the orders of my superiors."

Gen de Gaulle: "You have no business here, I say. You have no right to exercise a command."

Mr Lake: "Mon general, I exercise no command."

Gen de Gaulle: "We don't need you here. It only remains for you to leave. You too must go home. Return, return quickly. Au revoir."

Later, Mr Lake noted: "The whole dialogue passed very quickly and in a tone of voice which there was no mistaking.

"It was so unexpected that I must confess I was far too taken aback to reply intelligently, and I think the majority of those present had similar reactions."

See,  the Tal Man, Gen Charles de Gaulle,  was burning with jealousy and shame that he took refuge in the hated land of the British.

Despite the incident, Mr Lake was highly regarded by senior Army commanders and was referred to in an official report as "modest, unassuming, but possessed of considerable authority".

"His dust-up with de Gaulle showed him to be a good diplomat, level-headed and intelligent," the report added.


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Monday, November 9, 2009

Ronald Regan a Political Cowboy Yelled and Ranted but Berlin Wall Wouldn't Budge But when Regan Spoke with Mikhail Gorbachev Wall Came Down


The 40th President of US of America Ronald Regan was a political cowboy.
Regan came out of his Hollywood '' B '' films and 2nd rate TV series,  playing swashbuckling gun slinger and fell into Governorship of California.

Alonso Quijano in Huffington Post has this to say of Ronald Regan.

Ronald Reagan was a fraud and hypocrite.  When Regan became California governor he found a popular but stupid solution to a 10% deficit in the state budget.   
He ordered ALL state agencies to make do with 90% of the previous year's budget. 
No thinking needed, no evaluations needed, no compromises needed.
AND THEN he made an exception -- the governor's office budget had to be tripled !!!

The recent "Marie Antoinette" attitude of Wall Street was learned at Reagan's knee.

[We say]  Banks lent money to people who couldn't afford to pay back,  in the long run.
Bankers patted their own backs and paid themselves huge amounts in bonuses
on the total sums lent out.
Once the repayments stopped,  as they would naturally 'cos borrowers could ill afford 
repayment, Banks sucked in and collapsed.   And so did the World.

Ronald Regan yelled "Evil Empire'' at Soviet Union,   shouted  ''Bring Down This Wall'' at Mikhail Gorbachev,  the then leader of Soviet Union,  entred into an ''Arms Race'' with Soviet Union.

Nothing worked.

Ronald Regan entered into talks with Mikhail Gorbachev and 'Everything happened'.

The Berlin Wall came down - - -  the Soviet Sattilites ''the Eastern Europe'' were free to go their own different ways.

Ronald Regan wasn't a wise and brave man as the US of American cheap writers would have us believe.  He was hand picked by Poppy Bush and had himself imitated by Junior Bush.  That's all!

Today Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton both believe in ''negotiations and not confrontations'' and their efforts will certainly bear fruit.  
It takes courage to nogotiate with an enemy,  an old enemy at that.

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My close contacts, led by Freddy James and Dan emailed methods to avoid such hacking pests. Dan is the first one to identify the problem.

Stop a Web Imposter

The other morning as I opened my Hotmail Inbox never did I expect to have an email from ''me'' to ''me''!

And copies have gone to all my contacts. Talking of contacts, there are a few who know me well and those who have come in through Internet and do not know my peculiarities.

The few who know me well contacted me immeditely with elation and surprise.

For the fraudulent email speaks about me buying an Apple iPod.

Me, of all people. The ''Empty Pocket'' to buy an Apple iPod.

Most of my close contacts, led by Freddy James, emailed methods to avoid such hacking pests. Dan is the first one to identify the problem and told me "Uncle someone has hacked your hotmail account''.

Well, sadly a few days later the same happened in my Gmail account too. And as is usual with my Computer operation, the trouble vanished. Did the hacker take pity on me ! Or did I do something ''right'' not realising am doing so! This blind corrective action is quite normal with me.

Here are the advices given me - - - But please don't ask me what cleared the problem !

Change your passwords - - - I didn't.


Report the hacker to the website thrrough its report feature. Take a screenshot.


AVG is efficient Anti-Virus Software - - - My favourite that I played with.

Open Facebook pages are inviting to hackers.Use the security feature.

Notify your contacts - - - I did.

Here's hoping you have a virus, hacker free browsing the Internet.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Socrates Taught and Earned the Enmity of Elders and at Home the Foul Mouth of His Wife. Wise are Doomed.

This morning found this post of three years old.  Very interesting, just like the ''An Open Door is a Shut Door'' kind.

Enjoy it and let's pray Premraj Tripathy is happy am sharing his stuff with you all.  Amen.  

Riddle of Socretes

By  Premraj Tripathy

On  14/Aug/2006  

Socretes was the greatest philosopher Europe has ever produced. 

Born around two thousand five hundred years ago.
He was a Greek  and was famous for his deep philosophical insight and logical arguments. 

Unfortunately, his wisdom turned out to be his enemy and resulted in his spending his last days in prison. 
He was sentenced to death by drinking poison.  

In one of his renowned riddles, he conveys the futility of  illogical application of meanings to statements. 

He framed two sentences, which, when taken as absolute truths, will prove themselves to be false and repeat the riddle continuously without end !! 

 See this:-

Truth One:- All Greeks are absolute liars.
Truth Two:- I am a Greek.

So what follows is:-

1)  If all Greeks are absolute liars, then I, being a Greek, am an absolute liar too. 

2)  So my statement that "all Greeks are absolute liars" is an absolute lie. 

3)  Which means that all Greeks are absolutely truthful. 

4)  If so, then I, being a Greek, am absolutely truthful.

5)  Then my statement that "all Greeks are absolute liars" is  absolutely true.

6) From which it again follows that all Greeks are absolute liars !!

and so on and on...................

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

உலகத்தினது இன வன்செயல்களுக்கு நாம் அத்தனை பேருமே காரணம் !

''நாமா? நாம என்ன செய்தோம்? அவனவன் மனதில துவேஷத்தை வளர்த்திக்கிறான் - - -  ஏதோ இசக்கு பிசக்கா சந்தர்ப்பம் சூழ்நிலை வரும் போது ஆளை ஆள் வெட்டிக்கிறான் - - - இதுக்கு நாம எப்பிடீப்பா பொறுப்பாக முடியும்?'',

''அடிப்படி கேள்விய மாத்தி கேட்டா விஷயம் புரியும் - - - 'நாம என்ன செய்தோம்' ன்னு கேக்காம - - -  'நாம என்ன செய்யல' ன்னு கேட்டா புரியுமே !

நாம நமது 'பெற்றோர்' என்கின்ற கடமையில் முற்றுமுழுதாக தவறிவிட்டோம் - - - அது தானையா உண்மை !  

நாமும் 'பெற்றோர்' தான் - - - நம்மை பெத்தவங்களும் 'பெற்றோர்' தானே.

இந்த உலகத்திலே பல விதமான மனிதர்கள்
இருக்கிறார்கள் - - - பல நிறம் - - - பல இனம் - - - பல கலாசாரங்கள் - - - பல சமயங்கள் - - - ஏன், பல கொள்கைகளும் இருக்குதே அய்யா.

இவ்வாறாக எம்மில் இருந்து வேறு பட்டோரை நாம் மதிக்க வேண்டும் - - - அவர்களும் எம்மைப்போல மனிதர்களே - - -

நல்ல குடும்பத்தில் பிறந்து வளர்ந்த பிள்ளை ஓருபோதும் மற்றவனின் மனதை புண்படுத்த நினைக்காது - - - 

இப்படி எமக்கு எமது பெற்றோர் சொல்லி எம்மை வளர்த்திருந்தால் இன்று நாம் இனப் படுகொலை செய்வோமா? வன்செயலை அனுமதிப்போமா?

இப்படி நாம் எமது பிள்ளைகளை வளர்த்திருந்தால் இன்று அவர்கள் இனப் படுகொலையில் இறங்குவார்களா? வன்செயலுக்கு துணை போவார்களா?

சிந்தியுங்கள் - - - இன்றாவது செயல்பட தொடங்குங்கள் - - - நாம் நல்ல பொற்றோரது பிள்ளைகள் தானே.    

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President Obama is Vindicated : House passes Health Care reform bill - - - But Long Way to Go and Many More Showdowns Yet !

House of Representatives on Saturday night passed a sweeping health care bill by a vote of 220-215.

In the final tally, 219 Democrats voted for the legislation, and 39 voted against it.
Rep. Joe Cao (R-Louisiana) was the only Republican who voted in favor of the bill.

President Obama said members of the House of Representatives face the chance of a lifetime as they consider the legislation.

The President told lawmakers that "opportunities like this come around maybe once in a generation."

"This is your moment, this is our moment, to live up to the trust that the American people have placed in us." 

 "Even when it's hard, especially when it's hard, this is our moment to deliver."

Handing President Obama a hard-fought victory, lawmakers voted to approve a $1.1 trillion, 10-year plan that Democrats said could be their defining social policy achievement.

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Question asked by: knowitall - - - How can I improve my spelling ? And the Answer is . . . !

'' If you want to improve your spelling, then start reading!

Read the words on the page in a book and note how they are all spelt.

Note down words that you get wrong normally and write them ten times on a sheet of paper.

Build up a book of the words that you spell wrong and therefore learn the correct spelling at the same time - over a few months your spelling will improve markedly! ''

Most students and under-Graduates of Universities do not understand our simple ''Memory System''. 

But complain and throw a fit because they can't memorize what they ought to remember at examinations.

Simple.  Our memory works this way.  Repetition is the general method.  A singular method is to  ''Add the new item learnt today,  to already known items.''

In class  today a new piece of knowledge is learnt.  This is an addition to those that we learnt earlier.  Soon after the class discuss the ''new item'' among yourselves.  In the absence of interested friends,  you must discuss it well within yourself.

As you read the question in the exam hall, the answer floats in your mind without your permission.

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Indian government armed and trained the LTTE. Also India has done everything to block demand for investigation of Human Rights violations

Sri Lanka Guardian - - - Gist of an interview with English world remowned author and famously controversial social activist Ms Arundathi Roy by Nilantha Ilangamuwa  - - - 

“That the Indian government armed and trained the LTTE is well known. But then it switched sides. India has done everything it can, including blocking the demand for an investigation into the possibility that the Sri Lankan government might be guilty of having committed war crimes in this war against the Tamil people of Sri Lanka.”

Most right wing governments deal with criticicm in the way of old Bush doctrine ‘If you are not with us you are with the terrorists.” 
I refuse to submit to it. I am in no way pro LTTE nor have I ever been. 

I cannot admire those whose vision can only accommodate justice for their own and not for everybody. 
However I do believe that the LTTE and its fetish for violence was cultured in the crucible of monstrous, racist, injustice that the Sri Lankan government and to a great extent Sinhala society visited on the Tamil people for decades. 
I also believe that the LTTE must take at least some responsibility for the cataclysm that has befallen the people it claimed it spoke for, and fought for.

For hundreds of thousands of people to be herded into camps and held there by a government that is so blatantly gloating over its military victory over them is a terrifying situation.

The use of the term 'concentration camp' does seem appropriate given the few testimonies that have made their way out of the steel wall of silence the government has erected around them. 

If these testimonies are untrue, and if the Government of Sri Lanka has nothing to hide it should allow the media free access to the camps so they can see what is going on.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Cows Down Atlast To A Student Mahmoud Vahidnia, a gold medalist at National Math Olympics

Iran Student Mahmoud Vahidnia Lashes Out at Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
An unassuming college math student has become an unlikely hero to many in Iran.  For the young student dared to criticize the country's most powerful man to his face.

Mahmoud Vahidnia has received an outpouring of support from government opponents for his out burst. 

In Iran 69 post-election protesters have been murdered inside prisons. 

The young mathematics bright student has so far suffered no repercussions.  

 Supreme Leader Khamenei addressed students of Tehran's Sharif Technical University at a question-and-answer session.

In fact, Iran's clerical leadership appears to be touting the incident as a sign of its tolerance – so much so that some Iranians at first believed the 20-minute exchange was staged by the government, though opposition commentators are now convinced Vahidnia was the real thing.

Details of the encounter were reported on the state news agency IRNA and in a pro-government newspaper, Keyhan, which gave its account with a headline reading, "The revolutionary leader's fatherly response to critical youth." Even Khamenei's official Web site mentioned the incident.

Still some of those in attendance at the Oct. 28 forum say Khamenei appeared taken aback by the questioning and left the meeting early, according to commentary posted on pro-reform Web sites.

Khamenei told the students it was the "biggest crime" to question the results of the June 12 presidential election that returned Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power. 

Khamenei himself declared Ahmadinejad the victor despite opposition claims of widespread fraud.

After the speech, Mahmoud Vahidnia raised his hand, then for 20 minutes he criticized the Iranian leader.

Mahmoud Vahidnia was fierce the crackdown on post-election protests. In which the opposition says 69 people were killed and thousands were arrested.

"I don't know why in this country it's not allowed to make any kind of criticism of you," said Mahmoud Vahidnia.

"Not even by the Assembly of Experts, whose duty is to criticize and supervise the performance of the leader," he said, referring to the clerical body that chooses the country's supreme leader.

The boldness of Vahidnia's comments underlines how Iran's post-election turmoil has undermined the once rock-solid taboo against challenging the supreme leader. 


The supreme leader stands at the top of the hierarchy of Iran's clerical rulers, and his word is supposed to be final on political issues. 

Scores of Iranian writers, bloggers and academics have been jailed for writing what authorities have deemed as insults to Khamenei.

But so far Vahidnia has been spared. The president of Sharif University even defended the student, saying he spoke within the law.

The incident has propelled the soft-spoken man in his early 20s to national prominence and inspired widespread support on the Web.

During the face-to-face exchange, Vahidnia also raised allegations of abuse of imprisoned opposition protesters.

"You, who have the role of a father, when you deal with your opponents in such a manner, your subordinates will likely behave similarly, as we have seen in the prisons," he told Khamenei, referring to the reports of torture and rape.

"Do you think radio and television have portrayed the recent events accurately or broadcast a caricature-type image of them?" he asked.

Vahidnia, a gold medalist at the country's National Math Olympics two years ago, said 'officials at first barred me from speaking, but Khamenei apparently allowed him to go ahead'.

 Mahmoud Vahidnia said he was interrupted several times by the event's moderator who insisted they were out of time. 

The state television aired excerpts of Khamenei's speech but did not show Vahidnia or mention the exchange. 

Days later, however, it ran a report denying rumors he had been arrested and showed an image of him at the gathering.

In Italy, at least two parliament members have issued calls for their government to offer Vahidnia asylum if necessary.

Lawmaker Benedetto Della Vedova called the student a symbol of the "demands for change and modernity" in Iran. 

Another parliament deputy, Angelo Bonelli, praised Vahidnia's "courage" and urged political leaders to stand by his "fight for rights and democracy."

Vahidnia's comments were so brazen and unprecedented that many Iranians thought it was staged by the government.

"I thought it was a hoax, to show us that we have freedom here," said one young Iranian woman who has participated in the opposition demonstrations. 

"But now that it looks like it was real, I think it's a huge deal," she said. "Never before has anyone had the courage to do such a thing."

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Wind Turbine 4 Better World 4 Our Children

Truly Eco- and Bird-Friendly Wind Turbine

By Jasmine Greene on

The death of avian life is perhaps one of the most common arguments against wind farms. The idea that wind turbines kill birds started originally from the large rate of bird deaths, around 4,700 annually, at the wind farm in Altamont, CA

New technology has created wind turbines that use larger blades and move at much slower speeds, which allows birds to avoid the blades altogether.  In fact, there are more bird deaths caused by birds flying into windows than killed by wind turbines. 

Of course, even without the bird deaths, one of the major issues many take with wind energy is their appearance. Tall, unwieldy and ugly, many communities simply find the turbines unseemly and would rather not have them built. 

There is a solution for both problems. The Helix Wind Savonious 2.0, main offices located in San Deigo, is a "2kW rated turbine that can be tower-mounted between 14 and 35 feet or roof mounted just 2 feet above roof line. The rotor measures 6ft by 4ft (1.8m by 1.2m) and utilizes long helical blade scoops to maximize energy performance in turbulent, gusty or multi-directional wind conditions" 

Not only is this new wind turbine much smaller than traditional ones, it also moves at a much slower speed, so both birds and bats recognize the rotor as a solid object. And compared to other wind turbines, the Helix is also operates at less than 5 decibels above background noise These turbines can also be used for various uses from home to industrial.

As we advance our technology, we also advance our alternative energy sources. The major complaints of ten years ago are a thing of the past as scientists and designers find out new ways to make green energy safer, prettier and more efficient.

A Reader/Follower has sent u this post.

Please reply so that others may learn - thank you - 

We must strive to leave a safer world for our children.  

Firstly we must teach our children to understand skin colour and different heritages and cultures.

Secondly we must set in place sustainable natural energy as our legacy. 

Am interested in natural energy: Wind and Water to produce electricity. 

Is it feasible under laws of Physics - - - A quarter horse power battery operated motor - - -  It turns a large weighted wheel - - - the dynamo attached to the wheel produces electricity.

The electricity operates all the appliances in the home and also charges the battery. 

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Iran Lost A Battle On The High Seas --- Shipment Proves Iran's Support For Terror Organizations --- And Brazen Disregard of UN Resolutions

Hundreds of tons of weaponry, the largest arms seizure in Israel's history, were intercepted in a daring raid by Israeli naval commandos.

Francop, a German cargo ship flying Antiguan flag with a Captain of Polish origin passed Israel some 100 miles off the coast.

Israel Commandos in two navy vessels boarded without encountering resistance.

The Captain readily gave the cargo certificates, which indicated that some of the hundreds of containers on board had originated in Iran and were on their way to the Lattakia Port in Syria.

Israel believes they would have been unloaded and then transferred to Hizbullah.

The total shipment was estimated to weigh over 500 tons and included thousands of rockets and shells of various types, including 122 mm. Russian-made Katyushas, which have a range of some 30 kilometers.

The ship's crew were unaware of the weapons on board, as the armaments were disguised as humanitarian aid. Some of the other containers contained toilets, milk powder and piles of sacks - each weighing 25 kilograms - filled with polyethylene and made by the Amir Kabir National Petrochemical Company based in Teheran.

Brig.- Gen. Rani Ben-Yehuda, deputy commander of the Israel Navy said, '' This is the third time this year that Iran has disregarded international law and United Nations Security Council resolutions that forbid it to transfer weaponry''.

The navy, he said, regularly conducted operations hundreds of miles from Israel's shores to inspect ships suspected of carrying illegal weapons from Iran to terror proxies like Hizbullah and Hamas.

He added that even though the Iranian containers were loaded at port of Damietta in Egypt, the Egyptians were totally unaware of the ship's contents.

This type of blatant disregard for decency in diplomacy and UN resolutions could be expected from, yet another,  ''Election Stealing'' President of Iran.

What else can one expect from a pig other than a grunt.

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