Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Akmal Shaikh, 53, Britisher, 3 kids, was executed in China for smuggling 4 Kg of Heroin, despite claims he was mentally ill.

Akmal Shaikh, 53, Britisher,  3 kids,  was executed in China for smuggling 4 Kg of Heroin,  despite claims he was mentally ill.

 Foreign Office Minister Ivan Lewis told the ambassador "China had failed in its basic human rights responsibilities."

The Chinese Embassy said Mr Shaikh had no previous record of mental illness.

Mr Lewis said after the meeting: "I had a difficult conversation with the Chinese Ambassador today.

Foreign Office Minister Ivan Lewis: 'Mr Shaikh had mental health problems'

"I made clear that the execution of Mr Shaikh was totally unacceptable and that China had failed in its basic human rights responsibilities in this case, in particular that China's court had not considered the representations made about Mr Shaikh's mental condition. 

Akmal Shaikh, 53, Britisher,  3 kids,  was executed in China for smuggling 4 Kg of Heroin,  despite claims he was mentally ill.

UK Foreign Minister Ivan Lewis claims the British Drug Smuggler was mentally ill.

China claims the British Drug Smuggler was tried and convicted by Court of Law in accordance with Chinese Laws.

We hope the reading community shall judge for themselves by finding answers to:

1... How did a mentally ill person try to take ''Four'' Kg of Heroin into China ?  He claims he was ''tricked'' !
2... UK may not dish death penalty for drug smugglers.  But China does.  It's their country and their Law.
3... The UK police shot 7 bullets into the head of a man after holding him on the floor of a pasenger train.
       The policeman preferred to shoot rather than search the subdued man.
       And UK court found the policeman ''not guilty'' even though the subdued man was not searched.
4...  Tony Blair and cronies had Dr David Kelly killed to shut him up claiming ''Iraq as no WMD''.
       Tony Blair wanted to join Jr George Bush and Dick Cheney to go to war against Iraq to make money.
Now we ask British Prime Minister and his Foreign Minister if they have the credibility or the moral right 
to demand China investigate a normal, averagely intelligent person who tries to smuggle four Kilograms 
of hard drug Heroin into their country that executes all drug smugglers !

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This morning a woman broadcasteor was heard over ABC radio saying: ''England is on the brink of victory in South Africa''

This morning a woman broadcasteor was heard over ABC radio saying:
''England is on the brink of victory in South Africa''

Am not too sure  ---  Did I really hear her correctly ?

Did she actually say ''brink of victory'' ?

Please someone tell me if this phrase ''brink of victory'' was heard by them too.

Am not a syntax or grammar expert.  Am an ordinary average man.

But ''brink of victory'' tells me that England is in imminent victory.

Oh Good Old English Wither Are We Advancing 

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Monday, December 28, 2009

US opposes, UK says ''No'', EU pleads ''Don't'', the Whole World frowns - But Israel goes on building new houses ''Regardless''!

Israel is to build 700 homes in mainly Arab East Jerusalem.

And thereby put an end to peace talks.

In 1967, the Arab Nations, led by  Egypt, Syria and a reluctant Jordan invaded Israel.

The lonely Israel not only chased them away --- and how the Arabs ran ! --- leaving behind arms and ammunitions and their ''Boots too''.

Oh! How we laughed our guts out on seeing pictures of millions of boots strewn in the deset sand.

The Hero-to-be Gen Abdel Nazzer of Egypt made that cowardly, absurdity:
''American Bombers have joined Israel against us''.

No american planes ever participated in any single raid.  It showed how ferocious a lone-nation could fight 100s of 1000s and still win.

Israel war planes took off, bombed a target and returned to load bombs and go off again. 

A mere 14 minutes was their turn around time.

The Egyptian war planes were all destroyed on the groundd before a single plane took off.

Israel planes flew below Radars, manned by Russians, and went in the direction the Egyptians were blind.

No wonder the great bluffer General Nazzer of Egypt thought 1000s of american planes are flying in Israel Air Force.

And the worst of all, "American Pilots are flying Israeli planes''.
Suppose,  just suppose,  the Arabs won and Israel lost in the 1967 war ?

Would the Arabs have allowed Israel to survive as a Jewish nation in the region ?

We normally, always with no exception, support the ''Weak'', the ''Under Dog'', the ''victim''.

We detest the brash boaster, we ''will'' the bully to fall,  we laugh and hoot when the bully is flat on the ground with mouth filled with sand !

Israel faced almost six Arab nations and we sided with Israel morally and prayed like the blazes for them.

Now that Israel has turned ''bully'',
acting worse than the Nazi Adolf Hitler, our sympathy has turned towards the Palestinians.

Are we mad or the damn Jews who are hated by all races for the last 2500 years ?

Even William Shakespeare, 400 years back,  depicted the Jews worthy of our utmost ''HATE''!!!

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In 2010 Australia will become another Iran-China duo !

In 2010 Australia will become another Iran-China duo !

The proposal of a bill to protect kids of porn content would effectively
give the powers that be a means of shutting down  views it disagrees with on any subject, even other than adult sexual content.

It would also characterise opponents and critical supporters like us, as  nerdy minority and/or perverts.

The advent of Internet and modern dot com  facilities have made our voices be heard loud and clear, silent we may be though!

One Laptop per Child (OLPC) revealed the XO-3 and said it would be "available in 2012" and would cost "well below $100".

The innovative machines are for use in remote and harsh environments, by school children.

Their features are,  sunlight readable display and open source software.

The original model XO has been distributed to more than 1.4 million children in 35 countries.

Uruguay has bought a computer for every one of their school children.

The organisation believes the new design will cost significantly less than "50, 60 or 70 euros".

Governments could pay this back over a period, so each child could have a computer for less than one euro per month.

The concept shows a touchscreen, a camera, induction charger, and a carrying ring on one of its corners.

It includes a chip from UK firm ARM,  set for launch in 2011.

Nicholas Negroponte, founder and chairman of OLPC said that he hoped that industry would now go ahead with the new design of the XO-3. 

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei: Their ''End'' has ''Begun'' - Will They Run or Hang

Violent clashes are on in Teheran of Iran. 

Between security forces and opposition demonstrators.

Jaras website said forces including the Revolutionary Guard broke windows of cars that were honking horns. 

Fired tear gas to disperse people. 

People used a religious mourning to  rekindle anti-government protests. 

People chanted “death to the dictator” their term for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Six months after an election dispute the country plunged into political turmoil.

Foreign Journalists are not allowed to report  protests. 

Twitter is turned off by the Iran Army.

Religious ceremonies are always held on the day before Ashura.

The death a week ago of a leading religious leader declared election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was a fraud.

He also declared the Supreme Leader is not fit to govern the country when it became known the Supreme Leader has decreed  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, ''Must Win the Election" !

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Friday, December 25, 2009

A Canadian developer won a $290 million court judgment against Microsoft.

A Canadian developer  won a $290 million court judgment against Microsoft.
Microsoft violated patent rights in developing the ''Office Word'' word processor.
Microsoft was selling the ''Office Word'' word processor for US$ 100.00
Now it cannot sell it anymore.  They have to develop a new one.This week      
This week a federal appeal court rejected Microsoft's appeal.
It confirmed the decision of a lower court.
Microsoft has to pay ''  i 4 i '' a huge sum of  $290 million in damages and interest.
They have violated the patent rights of the Toronto, Canada  software company.
That company developed the ''XML editing technology''.
Microsoft used this technology to develop their word processor ''Office Word''.
Last year Microsoft was fined  US$ 4 Billion by European Union for some
Trade violation.
These shady practises have made millions of users hate Microsoft and its products.
That's why people are changing to other operating systems other than '' Windows ''.
People are going over to ''Ubuntu'' of Linux --- a rather difficult program, even though
they offer free download or send a free CD,  on request,   when postage of $ 2 or 3 is paid.
As for the word processor,  we can use the JARTE word procesor.
its  ''free''  and easy to download and install.
And use ---  it works like a soft breeze.
Just google the word ''jarte'' and get the lovely product.

Jarte word processor is easy to edit a sentence to publish in Twitter.
Jarte has a '' word count '' button.  Just highlight a sentence and click it to get the  number of words and characters. 
Copy and paste. 
Simple, eh?

You can get Jarte here <a href = http://www.jarte.com/download.html> Jarte free word processor</ a>

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Is the Catholic Church liable in ALL cases ?

We know of many willing teenage partners turn sour once their mundane needs were met. At least some of these boys were encouraged by parents to get most out of the priests and now holler ''abuse'' to get what they can from the other side too. http://amplify.com/u/18pw

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Gmail - Facebook's Other Top Trend of 2009: Divorce - benaloy@gmail.com

Check out this website I found at mail.google.com

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JR Raphael, PC World, says ---

Facebook is cited in one out of every five divorce petitions.

Facebook Status: Divorced

The root of the problem should come as no surprise: Too many spouses are using Facebook for flirting -- or more.

"The most common reason seemed to be people having inappropriate sexual chats with people they were not supposed to," Mark Keenan, Divorce-Online's managing director, is quoted as saying.

The Telegraph suggests the sudden popularity of sites such as Facebook is somehow encouraging people to cheat on their spouses.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the problem isn't actually Facebook -- the problem is faithless spouses too stupid to realize they're leaving an electronic trail.

Cheating is cheating; Facebook is just a medium (albeit one that creates an easily findable path of breadcrumbs).

So, yes, if we're cheating slimeballs in the regular world, we'll also be cheating slimeballs in the virtual world. Otherwise, we're probably fine.

With all of that said, I'm sure it's only a matter of time until someone sues Facebook for "forcing them" to cyber-copulate with strangers.

JR Raphael is co-founder of geek-humor site eSarcasm. You can keep up with him on Twitter: @jr_raphael.

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'' Jarte '' Word Processor is free, powerful, user friendly and works wonders in Windows.

An appreciation of ''free'' Jarte Word Processor. Jarte is free, powerful, user friendly and works wonders in Windows.

The Microsoft Windows word proccessor will cost nearly $US 100.00.

And a study of its vast amount of features to know which ones to use will cost a ''life time''.

But who uses all of them ? 

Jarte word processor is ''free'' and has ONLY those features we writers and students actually need in our ''Life Time''.

Here are the ones we use normally in our daily life:

    * Tabbed document windows for easy access to your open documents
    * Larger buttons for the most commonly used functions
    * Instant dictionary and thesaurus word lookup (integrates with free WordWeb)
    * Spell check and text search tools that do not park themselves on top of the text you are trying to edit
    * Single click bookmarking that make bookmarks both useful and usable
    * Instant access to the documents and folders you designate as your favorites
    * Instant access to the fonts you designate as your favorites
    * Use of the mouse scroll wheel button to copy and paste text

It is Jarte's thoughtful details that will leave you wondering how you lived with that cumbersome office word processor for so long !

And I use the Word Count in Jarte everyday to post in Twitter --- Truly a Blessing Indeed !  Jarte.com !! Free w/o Fuss !!!

Posted via email from What's New in Internet Today !

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Scientists believe it may be possible to combat malaria by interfering with the sex lives of the mosquitoes which spread the disease

The Imperial College London study is published in the journal PLoS Biology.

In Africa - Anopheles gambiae - species of mosquito responsible for the transmission of malaria

These insects mate once in their lifetime, so disrupting the reproductive process offers a good way of dramatically reducing their numbers.

The male transfers sperm to the female followed by a coagulated mass of proteins and seminal fluids known as a mating plug.

The insects can only mate successfully if the male is able to seal his sperm inside the female using a "mating plug".

Without the plug, fertilisation cannot occur, and the animals cannot reproduce.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

A Dissident Has Followers but Gets No Power at all !

This dissident accused the Leader of Iran's Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini of Human Rights violations --- Declared current Supreme Leader Ali Khameni ''Not fit to Rule'' --- Proclaimed election of current President as ''Fraud''. A bold and straight man indeed ! http://amplify.com/u/184y

Posted via web from benza's posterous

''Prayers Work Best with Medication'', says Doctor

Science says, '' spontaneous remission of cancer happened in about one or two cases in every 1000.'', means every freak cure is by Prayers alone. http://amplify.com/u/1847

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

''Daily Sex'' is Good, ''Masturbation is Good'' they said !

Daily Sex freshens Sperm to have a healthy Child. Semen gets oxygenated when kept ''in'' for long and causes weak child. ''Masturbation'' is good when ''willing sexual partner'' is NOT available. Semen kept ''in'' clouds minds from thinking straight and overcome wiles of women ! http://amplify.com/u/17yy

Posted via web from benza's posterous

''Work Sets You Free'' ! But, Jews Met Death there !!

Such blatant ''Mass Murder'' is denied by Iran President ! Is Iran President illiterate ? No ! He is a qualified Engineer and Teacher ! Then why is Iran President ignorant ? Purely because he is a damn selfish crude minded RACIST ! http://amplify.com/u/17yi

Posted via web from benza's posterous

Irish Wit, Irish Temper, Irish Nasty Family Secets

Gerry Adams is in turmoil --- Is he fit to lead ! http://amplify.com/u/17vv

Posted via web from benza's posterous

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Was It Fair? Is It Cricket? !

If TV shots indicated the bataman did not play the ball, why on earth they use the 3rd Umpire, and uphold the original call. No guts to reverse decision ? Or expect Gods to come down from Heaven to bear witness ? Come on Aussie, play Cricket willya ! http://amplify.com/u/17qd

Posted via web from benza's posterous

Prayers Work Miracles and We Need Someone to Pray to !

Many prayed to their dead mother and have had their wishes granted. Such mothers lead a life of magnanimity even in indigent status. Prayers with ''Care'' for others and ''good'' thoughts will certainly make a saint in our mind. Albert Einstein, said once, the child's tuition fee of 75 cents a week was a figure he was never paid by any institution so far, ' cos it was 75 per cent of her total asset. See, it's NOT the amount but ''what percentage of one's worth is given out'' is the criterion. http://amplify.com/u/17oe

Posted via web from benza's posterous

Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in German Olympics. In Hitler's Nazi Germany Jesse Owens was felicitated and ignored in America.

Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in German Olympics.
In Hitler's Nazi Germany Jesse Owens was felicitated and ignored in America.

African-Americans Go From Being No Good At Sports To Being Only Good At Sports

The late 1940s and '50s saw a role reversal unprecedented in the history of American sport.

African-Americans—once thought incapable of physically competing against whites—began dominating playing fields.

"Blacks have no chance against whites on the baseball diamond. They simply don't have what it takes to make the effort," Boston Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey told The Boston Globe in April 1947, echoing the nation's sentiments.

Later he reversed saying, "Well, naturally, Robinson is out there running faster, jumping higher, and hitting the ball farther. Blacks are, if nothing else, more athletically gifted than whites. Sports is what they're good at."

This changing viewpoint was soon echoed by notable sports figures, politicians, typical American citizens, Ku Klux Klan members.

University of Kentucky basketball coach Adolph Rupp, who for years had refused to recruit black players because of their alleged unsuitability for athletics.

After losing the 1966 NCAA Championship game to an all-black Texas Western team, however, Rupp said that the loss didn't surprise him.

"Blacks have a clear physical advantage over whites because their years of slavery made them genetically stronger and more athletic," Rupp said after the 72-65 defeat.

"But they'll never be great doctors and lawyers. They don't have the mental capacity for something like that."

"I'll put it this way," Rupp added. "We'll never see a black head coach, team owner, or president of the United States."

Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in the 1939 German Olympics.
Fist time an athlete won four golds.  In Hitler's Nazi Germany Jesse Owens was invited into many homes and felicitated.

But when Jesse Owens returned home to America, even the President Franklin Delano Roosevelt did not care to telephone and congratulate the man that brought fame to his country.

So the White Americans have now voted a Black man as President.

Posted via email from What's New in Internet Today !

Tiger Woods Brilliant Golfer has Beautiful Wife and had Nine Women !

So What ? We ain't married to him, man --- Let his wife sort out their family Life --- We watch him play and enjoy each moment of his perfect control --- and not bother about his sexual life --- Media is full of jealous measely Pariahs ! http://amplify.com/u/17kw

Posted via web from benza's posterous

Toronto gang member Sanjeev Kuhendrarajah has a criminal record for death threats that got him deported from Canada six years ago

FORMER Toronto gang member Sanjeev Kuhendrarajah is heavily
 tattooed, has a criminal record for death threats and
 firearms possession that got him deported from Canada six
 years ago, and is now, perhaps improbably, the articulate
 and thoughtful spokesman for a boatload of Tamil
 asylum-seekers trying to get to Christmas Island.

Toronto gang member Sanjeev Kuhendrarajah
with criminal record, deported from Canada, is
now, spokesman for boatload of Tamil Refugees

Let's think: ''will ordinary innocent Lankan Tamils select a criminal to speak
unless they too are criminals''.

When will we Lankan Tamils select a leader without crimnal record or penchant for gun and violence

We Lankan Tamils are ''ignorant fools'' in the eyes of the International Community as we had such a leader in the recent past
On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 11:09 AM, Mal Spencer <mcspencer44@yahoo.com.au> wrote:
> FORMER Toronto gang member Sanjeev Kuhendrarajah is heavily
> tattooed, has a criminal record for death threats and
> firearms possession that got him deported from Canada six
> years ago, and is now, perhaps improbably, the articulate
> and thoughtful spokesman for a boatload of Tamil
> asylum-seekers trying to get to Christmas Island.
> A Canadian immigration department assessment refers to
> chronic alcohol and drug abuse in his youth, persistent
> anger management issues and a "love-hate relationship" with
> his mother.
> But the 27-year-old adamantly denies he is a
> people-smuggler.
> Kuhendrarajah, otherwise known as Alex - a pseudonym he
> said he had used for years and which he goes by on the
> social networking site Facebook - has finally spoken about
> his past after the Sri Lankan government accused him and a
> brother of being involved in the human trafficking business.
> Because of his excellent English, Kuhendrarajah became the
> voice of the boatload of nearly 250 Sri Lankan refugees tied
> up at Merak dock, in western Java, after it was intercepted
> by the Indonesian navy on an Australian intelligence tip-off
> early last month.
> But now, fearful for the safety in Sri Lanka of his wife
> and three young children, who are trying desperately to also
> escape the country after the Liberation Tigers of Tamil
> Eelam rebellion was put down several months ago, he says he
> regrets having taken such a prominent role in the affair.
> He has also admitted concealing facts about his life.
> Kuhendrarajah agreed to speak out on the condition that his
> immediate family not be identified. The Australian has,
> however, spoken to Kuhendrarajah's wife in Sri Lanka , where
> she is awaiting travel documents she hopes will be organised
> within days.
> "The Sri Lankan government is out to get me, they are going
> to try to crucify me, and they will do that by any means
> necessary," he said.
> "The reason I'm speaking up against these allegations is to
> prove to the world that this government is cruel, that it
> has no mercy. They will do anything to try to discredit me
> and to ruin my family. If anything happens to my wife, if
> anything happens to my children, I will hold the Australian
> government and the Indonesian government responsible for
> their murders."
> Kuhendrarajah said he grew up in Canada , after his family
> fled Sri Lanka following anti-Tamil riots in 1983. Arriving
> in Toronto via London - where his father remained after
> separating from Kuhendrarajah's mother, and is now a
> prosperous gold trader - the family joined relatives who had
> been in the multicultural city for more than two decades.
> By his own admission, Kuhendrarajah's life went off the
> rails early, and at the age of 12 he became a ward of the
> state after running away from home and accusing his mother
> of abuse.
> He says he eventually fell in with a Tamil street gang at
> the height of a Toronto turf war that left several people
> dead.
> "The criminal conviction that had me deported was because
> as a child I made some very bad mistakes, and those mistakes
> cost me my entire life," he said.
> Kuhendrarajah was, for about three years until his arrest
> in September 2000, a member of the A.K. Kannan gang, one of
> two major Tamil criminal organisations responsible for a
> reign of terror on Toronto 's streets. An uncle was also a
> senior leader of the gang.
> "There were many fights, and these fights got bigger with
> each year," he said. "First people started fighting with
> their hands, and then people started fighting with small
> knives and then larger knives. It just escalated."
> A.K. Kannan had started out as a small heroin-trading
> franchise but the conflict quickly exploded with its main
> rival, the VVT gang, named for the town of Valvettithurai in
> northern Sri Lanka where its leader originated.
> Reports have linked VVT to funding for the Tamil Tigers,
> although Kuhendrarajah was adamant the battles, while
> originating in homeland discontents, were mainly about local
> issues.
> More than a dozen tit-for-tat fatal shootings in the late
> 1990s forced authorities to act, rounding up for deportation
> several dozen gang members in late 2001.
> By that time Kuhendrarajah, one of those identified for
> forced removal under a special organised crime section of
> the country's immigration act, had already spent a year in
> jail on the firearms and death-threat convictions, and was
> due for release.
> "And that is the point where I learnt I wasn't a citizen,"
> Kuhendrarajah said, revealing as he has done so many times
> in his short life a combination of acute intelligence and
> blind naivety.
> "Growing up from the age of five, singing the national
> anthem every day of my life, at that point, at the age of
> 19, I thought I was a (Canadian) citizen. I just totally
> couldn't believe I wasn't - because my grandmother was a
> citizen, and my mother is a citizen, my uncles, my aunts are
> citizens, my grandfather was a citizen. And I just didn't
> understand how I could not be a citizen. But my mother had
> applied for citizenship while I was under the care of the
> Children's Aid Society, when I was 14, because I had run
> away from home, so I didn't receive it."
> Canadian immigration department documents obtained by The
> Australian cite the view of a department panel in 2002 that
> it was "not persuaded the prospect (of rehabilitation) are
> good or even fair", after the incident for which he was
> arrested, and confirming his deportation order.
> The documents show Kuhendrarajah was seized by police with
> a sawn-off .22 calibre semi-automatic handgun loaded with
> seven rounds, after having threatened to kill an opponent.
> Kuhendrarajah described himself and his former gangmates
> yesterday as "spoilt brats who didn't have a mind to think
> for themselves", and claimed they were "used" by the gang
> leaders to wage power struggles in the city.
> The court documents, however, describe him as living in a
> basement squat with other friends who were linked to
> kidnappings and assaults, and contain Kuhendrarajah's own
> admission that he had been involved in "petty crimes with
> friends" and fights in bars.
> Kuhendrarajah was deported in 2003 to Sri Lanka , where he
> had no family but plenty of money from his wealthy relatives
> in Canada and London.
> There he met his wife, with whom he moved in 2006 to
> Chennai in India , fearful of ongoing anti-Tamil violence in
> Sri Lanka .
> "Eventually I did start a small business (in Chennai), and
> I think this is where the Sri Lankan government got the idea
> that I'm a people-smuggler," he said.
> "I did not have an office, but I started a small business
> where for tours, or anybody that needed a vehicle to rent, I
> just rented out mine. And whilst doing this I started
> working in a call centre, because of my good command of
> English and my knowledge of American lifestyle and American
> culture. In the call centre in Chennai they loved me, and
> they were willing to pay me a lot of money. So as time went
> by I became very well off in India and I had a good life
> there."
> On the understanding that his removal order from Canada
> lasted only five years, Kuhendrarajah began making plans
> last year to obtain Sri Lankan passports for his children -
> his wife gave birth to their third daughter just weeks ago,
> while he was hiding in Malaysia waiting to board the Lestari
> Jaya 5, the ill-fated boat that brought him to Australia's
> attention - and try again to make a North American home.
> On their return from India to organise the passports,
> however, he said he was arrested by Sri Lankan authorities
> on suspicion of being a Tigers supporter and detained
> without charge for months.
> After being released, he said, and brimming with
> frustration, he leapt at the opportunity a friend was
> offering to sail from Malaysia to Australia .
> "The plan was for me to get out of the country immediately,
> and then as soon as my child was born, for them to follow
> however they could," he said. "I was determined that if I
> was able to get on to Christmas Island, that I would be able
> to tell the truth to the UNHCR, and they would be able to
> understand my situation, understand that I made mistakes
> when I was young, and it has been years since I left
> (Canada). My life has changed a lot since then.
> "But I am not a Tiger, and I am not a people smuggler. I
> want to put these people (people smugglers) away as much as
> anyone does. They may now have cost me my family and my
> life."
> Posted by transCurrents on November 9, 2009 06:07 AM |
> Permalink transCurrents.comContact Email: editor@transcurrents.com
> All the criminals are flocking to your land that had been
> an "open prison" for the British Empire. Why don't you
> accept all these "fake" asylum seekers, who are searching a
> greener pasture like their ancestors.
> Posted by: SLFireBall | November 9, 2009 11:44 AM
> It is men like this who gave the Tamil resistance movement
> a bad name. Their handlers were more bent on making money
> off extortion, intimidation and all unholy features that
> ruined the future of thousands of otherwise talented youth.
> It's not over entirely. The falsehood that VP is alive is
> being "sold" purely to keep whatever is left of the income
> coming in and to battle it out to take the loot that Palitha
> Kohona, the former Foreign Secy estimates at US$1.6
> billion.
> The diaspora must now come together and work towards a new
> leadership of learned, professionals with influence over
> GoSL, India and the world community to build the North East
> to stand on its own.
> There is still room to come together in the island and
> regain the "ruined past" for a bright future. In spite of
> all its faults, the future leadership should centre around
> democratic features where the life of each and everyone
> should be held sacred.
> The gun culture should be buried for good once and for all.
> There is more support for the Tamils of Sri Lanka today than
> ever before.
> Posted by: Ilaya Seran Senguttuvan | November 9, 2009 09:43
> PM
> This article has changed my perception /suspicion I had
> after reading these colums and other reports in the past
> that 'Ltte was responsible for the gun and other violence
> involving Tamils in the streets of Canada/Toranto'. I can
> understand why Srilankan Gov is now Steriotyping him as
> Ltter in order to try and save their face and discredit
> Tamils.
> To ISS, I live in the UK and also have been reading and
> listining various media's( English & Tamil),and people
> but I can't find any one saying that VP is alive in person (
> they are claiming that he (His legacy) is alive in their
> (Tamil's)Hearts and minds only, like Mohandas Ghandhi ,
> Subhas chandra boss, Jesus,Buddha etc.
> Posted by: Pandara Vannian | November 10, 2009 05:08 AM
> When a migrant smuggling ship bound for Australia was
> seized in Indonesian waters last month, a 27-year-old with a
> thick beard stepped forward to speak for the boat people.
> He said he was Alex and that the more than 200 asylum
> seekers aboard the wooden cargo ship were ethnic Tamils
> fleeing Sri Lanka, but it was the way he said it that stood
> out: He spoke in a distinctly Canadian accent.
> In Toronto, police watched the news footage coming out of
> Indonesia on YouTube and instantly recognized "Alex." He was
> Sanjeev Kuhendrarajah. And he wasn't a businessman with an
> MBA degree, as he had told reporters, he was a Toronto gang
> member.
> Yesterday, Kuhendrarajah admitted he had been deported from
> Canada in 2003 for violent crimes but denied allegations he
> was a human smuggler and asked to be brought to Australia.
> "The fact that I lived in Canada for a period of time and
> was removed from Canada has no bearing whatsoever on my
> claim or the claim of the other 250 people for asylum," he
> said in a statement.
> While the Canadian government has been investigating the
> identities of 76 Sri Lankans who arrived in British Columbia
> waters on Oct. 17 (one of whom is wanted by Sri Lanka for
> terrorism), Australia has been trying to figure out how to
> handle similar migrant ships headed its way. At Australia's
> request, the Indonesian Navy intercepted a boatload of 255
> Sri Lankans early last month and brought them to Merak, in
> western Java. Australia is reluctant to admit the asylum
> seekers, and the discovery that a convicted Toronto gang
> member is on board may only make matters worse.
> Making the case for the boat people, Kuhendrarajah has been
> a passionate spokesman for the cause of Sri Lanka's ethnic
> Tamil minority, saying they face "genocide in Sri Lanka.
> Just the fact that you are Tamil, you will face genocide
> sooner or later. There will be an annihilation of Tamils in
> Sri Lanka. It will happen."
> But during his 16 years in Canada, Kuhendrarajah likewise
> participated in a campaign of violence against ethnic Tamils
> as a member of AK Kannan, a Tamil street gang behind a rash
> of drive-by shootings in Toronto.
> Named after its weapon of choice, the AK-47 assault rifle,
> AK Kannan was formed by Sri Lankans who came to Canada in
> the 1980s, according to an RCMP report. AK Kannan and a
> rival Tamil gang called the VVT fought a violent turf war in
> Toronto in the 1990s.
> AK Kannan was known for its heavy firepower. In January,
> 1998, Toronto police raided an AK Kannan weapons cache in a
> snowbank behind a Scarborough gas station and found a
> submachine gun and two sawed-off 12-gauge shotguns.
> The Tamil gangs' wild tit-for-tat shootings turned parts of
> Toronto into a war zone, as gang members opened fire on each
> other from speeding cars. They shot up not only each other,
> but also innocent bystanders, one of them a 19-year-old
> Tamil university student mistakenly gunned down in a
> Scarborough doughnut shop in 1997.
> Toronto police set up a Tamil Task Force but the gangs
> evaded prison by threatening witnesses and refusing to
> testify against each other. Meanwhile, Canada's major banks
> incurred losses "in the millions" as a result of financial
> frauds committed by the gangs, the task force wrote in a
> report.
> Residents who lived near a Scarborough basement rented by
> AK Kannan complained to police "that these hoodlums were
> yelling, shouting, urinating, throwing garbage, walking
> across peoples' lawns and disrupting the peace in the
> neighborhood," the report said.
> Kuhendrarajah lived in one such gang den. Born in Sri Lanka
> in 1982, he arrived in Canada at age five to live with his
> grandparents, but by 12 he was skipping school and received
> counselling for his anger.
> The Children's Aid Society stepped in and he lived in
> foster homes until he was 16. He returned to his mother
> briefly (his father lived in the U.K.) but would come home
> drunk and high on marijuana. He ended up moving into a
> basement apartment with gang friends. Police knew the place
> as an AK Kannan hangout and visited it often to investigate
> shootings in the area or to arrest Kuhendrarajah's friends
> for such crimes as kidnapping or assault.
> After VVT gangsters ran over an AK Kannan member named
> Kandipan Poopolasingam in a movie theatre parking lot,
> Kuhendrarajah approached a youth he thought was affiliated
> with the men responsible.
> "If you talk to them, I am going to shoot you,"
> Kuhendrarajah told him. He then raised his shirt to show the
> handle of his sawed-off .22. He was later convicted of
> illegal weapons possession and threatening. Immigration
> officials decided to deport him.
> The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) agreed he should be
> sent back to Sri Lanka. "He has had a longstanding problem
> with anger and disregarded authority figures at home and
> school," the IRB wrote, adding his links to Canada were
> "limited."
> "I hung around with the wrong people before," Kuhendrarajah
> told an IRB hearing in March 2003. Asked why he had carried
> a weapon, he said, "I'm going to be honest with you, I
> wanted to be a bad boy."
> He said he would return to Sri Lanka willingly but first he
> wanted to spend time at home visiting his daughter, who was
> born just 12 days before his arrest. When the IRB refused,
> Kuhendrarajah lost it.
> "Do you think I give a f--k about your f--king country?" he
> said. He then threw a rubber eraser at the IRB member and
> left the hearing room. The IRB wrote that the outburst
> "indicates an individual that does not fully control
> himself."
> He was deported to Sri Lanka soon after, and that was the
> last Canadian police heard of him until he reappeared in
> Indonesia as the articulate spokesman for the Tamil boat
> people trying to reach Australia.
> In his statement yesterday, he portrayed his past in Canada
> as a non-issue. "The Sri Lankan government is trying to
> interfere with our right to have a fair hearing for our
> claims for asylum in a safe country," he said. "The Sri
> Lankan government is desperate to divert attention away from
> its role in human rights abuses, particularly against Tamils
> in Sri Lanka."
> Notorious Toronto gangster re-emerges as Sri Lankan asylum
> seeker
> Stewart Bell, National Post Published: Monday, November 09,
> 2009

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Friday, December 18, 2009

It's The Norm for East to Rule the Roost !

Life is man and woman, positive and negative, life and death, good and bad; 1000s of years back Eastern civilization. Later, Greek, Arabic, and onto Industrial Revulation and America. Stands to reason the next phase will have to be China with potential to grow and grow. So --- !!! http://amplify.com/u/17jy

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It's Biting Chilly Out There !

Get in I say http://amplify.com/u/17it

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Ah! The Perfect Face ?

But me the ''Beholder'' prefers another http://amplify.com/u/17ir

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Not Enough ''Go'' in Climate Change Deal

Do you think the Small and Poor nations were having an ''Eye'' on the money and NOT on climate change ? http://amplify.com/u/17gw

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

GUBB,com Given by CompuKiss.com.The Best Free Software Program ever used.To Remind All Things.From Birthdays to To Do and More.

Memo To Me is a program in use by me for number of years to remind of Birthdays and Anniversaries.

As usual with men,  universally,  we tend to forget these damn dates.

Recently my bitter half reminded me of the birthday that fell on last 11th,  our grandgirl ''Nilu'' in France.

To please her majesty I pretended to have forgotten the date.

She doesn't know of my Memo to Me program that faithfully reminds me of each important date w/o fail.

It reminds once a week ahead of the scheduled date.

Then one day ahead of the date.

And finally on the day itself.

Now Compukiss has pointed me to gubb.com --- the best reminder program I have ever known.

It is better than the best --- Certainly better than my bitter half !

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As a Man, as a Person, as a Human Being, Is There a Limit to Forgiveness ? Can We NOT Forgive This Basij soldier ?

  His weapon against his people is ''R A P E''

''Interviewing a former Iranian Basij militia member''  from BBC Forum: Snowblog by Lindsey Hilsum

For months now, we’ve heard horrific stories of rape and abuse from Iran’s prisons.

Since the election last June 2009, hundreds, maybe thousands, of opposition protestors have been beaten and jailed.

Human rights groups have documented many reports of ''RAPE'' within the police stations and prisons.

Now, for the first time, we’ve spoken to a member of the Basij militia – the group said to be responsible for many of the abuses.

Basiji is a paramilitary volunteer militia founded by the Ayatollah Khomeini in November 1979.
However they are a "a loosely allied group of organizations" including ''those controlled by local clerics''.

This UK asylum seeker, aged 27, is a member of Basij. 

Born into a deeply religious family, utterly loyal to the Islamic Revolution and above all to the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamanei.

His Basij unit, was told months before the election, that the Supreme Leader had decreed that Ahmadinejad should win as President.

Also was told to ignore choices and desires of voters and vote for Ahmadinejad on their behalf.

They stole the ballot boxes with the votes of young people, who mainly voted for the opposition.

They were armed with batons, cables and other weapons to attack protestors.

His colleagues killed people on the streets.

When about a hundred young people were arrested and put in shipping containers, Basij from the provinces were brought in.

From the containers they heard the desperate cries of men and women, boys and girls, being raped by the Basij from outside the town.

The date was 20 June.

He gave BBC Forum the name of the police station where the assaults took place, and identified the mullah in charge of the basij in his city.

BBC will not reveal any of the details which could identify him.  BBC had authenticated the story.

He refused to shake the hand of a woman, another sign of his religious background.

His story confirms the reports BBC have had from victims and human rights groups.

They say ''RAPE'' has been used all over Iran,  in the brutal months since the June election.

“I am ashamed in front of people, even to say that I was mistaken, and I am ashamed in front of my religion,” he said. “I committed crimes, knowingly and unknowingly. Now I’m left with my conscience punishing me for what I did.”

During my lengthy walk of seven decades and two years of life many a story of distress have fallen within my range. 

This confession is one of the most brutal --- but knowing for certain that false certificates and documents are vital to asylum seekers --- am wondering how truthful is this Basiji youngster ?

Isn't he a potential ''mole'' of Iran to create trouble in Uk ?

Charges of Human Rights violations against President of Iran in International Criminal Court in Hauge, Netherlands ?

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We have 46 chromosomes, 23 from the Mother and another 23 from the Father, and therefore 'Man' is NOT more than equal to 'Woman'

Human Chromosomes

Please do not misconstrue my writings as 'anti' religion, church, or even against 'men' in general.
Am into search for ultimate truth of what we are and what's around us.   That's all.

Am a common, average man --- may be even more stupider than you. But will not admit to that truth.  Never.

Let's see, for example, women are generally spoken of as inferior lot or love machines with beautiful figures and pretty faces that arouse men to be sexually active.

Yes, we do admit some women make use of their advantage and weakness of male by dressing provocatively and cause trouble for males and themselves too. 
We will leave those scum alone and focus on the soft, kind, patient, tender mothers and nurses of human kind we all know and love.

After all our first 'love' is our 'Mother'.  We all know how we are made.

The 'love making' of our father and mother --- a sperm from father enters an egg in mother to fertilize and grow day by day.

Then the miracle happens --- and 'am',  the 'me',  this 'myself',  is born after about 38 weeks ---  or in other words approximately 40 weeks from the last normal menstrual period of our Mother.

On reading further we found a nice little piece of information that most 'Men' and the 'Church' kept hidden from the general common man.  That's you and I.

All living things are made of 'Chromosomes' --- shall we say, the base of 'Genes' and 'DNA' of which we are all made up of and we do have a general idea of what they are.

They say, a Fruit Fly has 8 chromosomes, Earthworm 36, Rabbit 44, Hares 48, Elephants 56, the bloody Donkey 62, the faithful Dog 78, the beautiful swimmer in a tank Goldfish 100-104, and the insignificant ordinary Kingfisher has a total of 132 chromosomes.

Then what about us, the humans ? 

Oh, here lies the crux of the matter.  We have 22 different types, each present as two copies, and two sex chromosomes.  That gives a total of 46 chromosomes --- Two sets of chromosomes --- one set from the Mother and another from the Father.

And so,  from where did the 'chauvinist' Male get the idea that 'He' is more than equal to his 'Female' companion ?

Probably in 'His' false mental make up --- That seeped into every organized religion !

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Iran, slowly and surely reaching out to Israel --- Test Firing Missile --- to Carry Nuclear Warhead that's Being Built Secretly

The Rouge Leader of Iran

Iran, slowly and surely reaching out to Israel --- Test Firing Missile --- to Carry Nuclear Warhead that's Being Built Secretly

Early this morning we heard BBC say ---  Iran has tested a missile.
The missile has sufficient range to reach Israel.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is a rouge leader,  equal to that of North Korea.
He is an engineer and teacher from a poor background.

He has been criticized for his  disregard for human rights ---

1... Women stoned to death
2... Teenagers hung to death

He rationed petrol in 2007 to reduce fuel consumption.
A failed mission.   Shows his ineptness.

He cut the interest rates private and public banking facilities could charge.
Another economic fiasco.

He supports Iran's nuclear energy program.  Time and time again he was caught telling lies to UN and Weapons Inspectors.

Even recently he denied publicly that Iran has a new secret nuclear site undeclared to UN.

When Obama, Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy showed him satellite photos of the site,  sheepishly hung his head in shame.

How could an engineer be ignorant of modern methods of detections through use of satelitte !

He wants Israel to wiped off the map.

He denies ''the Holocaust'' --- the 7 million Jewish people gased to death by Adolf Hitler --- ever happened.

[Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, apologised to Jews for the Holocaust,  is noteworthy.]

The racist president of Iran has had killed off some of the arrested ''election'' protestors.  

Such a dangerous man and his supporters must be watched narrowly for the good of the world.


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Australian Senator The Honourable Penny Wong, Minister for Climate Change and Water declared ''Transparency is central''

Australian Senator The Honourable Penny Wong,  Minister for Climate Change and Water declared ''Transparency is central''

The Climate Change conference in Copenhagen is now deadlocked.

China has roped in a few countries designated as G 77 and China  = Group 77.

These are said to be poor countries.  In the group are Sudan and Saudi Arabia too. 

European Union and others have promised $7 billion in 3 years for poor countries to help in conversion to Climate Change.

And this morning we heard Japan is chipping in with $10 billion in 3 years for poor countries.

Today the big leaders are expected to arrive and hopefully unravel the 'deadlock' spurred on by some smaller and poor countries.

Are we digressing from dear Penny Wong's ''Transparency is Central'' declaration ?

Penny was born in Malaysia and has experience in Brazil and other Asian countries. 

And she seems to know,  as we do,  generally monies or goods donated to small and poor nations end up in the pockets and homes of ministers and high officials of the nation.

Hopefully the clarion call of Climate Change Minister of Australia would echo in the Conference Hall when the top leaders enter.

Incidentally,  Copenhagen is the home of two wonderful men that entertained children the world over.

One the ancient story teller: Hans Christian Anderson.

And the other:  Danny Kaye,  the Hollywood Film Actor,  UN Roving Ambassador,  a decent man in an indecent city.

Danny Kaye acted out many of the wonderful stories of Hans Christian Anderson.

We, as children,  began to laugh as we saw the figure of Danny Kaye on the screen;  even before he uttered a single word.

That's entertainment par excellence.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Australian diplomats ask ''Gem Smuggler Prevention'' unit NOT TO USE ITS POWERS, to make money for Mugabe and his cronies.

Rio Tinto is an Australian business institution --- It holds shares in a Zimbabwe mining firm.
Australian diplomats are busy influencing Zimbabwe government's departments NOT to use ''Prevetion of Gem Smuggling'' powers.    

Everyone knows of the ''election stealing'' president of Zimbabwe : Robert Mugabe.
We all have read of how Robert Mugabe was stripped of the honourary doctorates given him 20 years ago by western Universities.
The world has watched this wretched man murder 10s of 1000s of opposition members and render 100s of 1000s homeless during the last election campaign.
Even then he lost the election and had to resort to trickery and ballot box stealing and intimidation of all opposition members to hold on to power.

His land Zimbabwe holds 2  World Records:
1...  For ''World's Highest Inflation Rate''
2...  For ''World's Lowest Mortality Rate''

The rate of inflation is such that an ordinary bannana is sold for Zimbabwe Dollar 2,000.00 !
Would you believe that ?
And the 100.00 dollar currency note has no value ---
Mugabe has printed the ''Billion Dollar'' note !
And in Zimbabwe most children have only one meal a day.
And they all go to sleep at night on an ''empty stomach'' !!

Thinking of those poor children turns our stomach whilst having our daily dinner.
UN,  US,  UK  and many other nations have placed sanctions on Zimbabwe in the hope of solving this long dragging ''horrible government''.

However,  Australian  diplomats are influencing ''Gem Smuggler Prevention'' unit,a government institution,  not to use its powers,  so as to make money for Robert Mugabe and his cronies.

This one facet of Kevin Rudd's government we detest !

Wonder what the high flying moralist Kevin Rudd has to say of this tragic double entendre diplomacy of Australia ?

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Would it be a pipe dream to imagine blacks and poor would be treated better in a rich and powerful nation in the 21st Century ?

If you hire a lawyer, the chances are you won't be sentenced to death in Houston.
University of Denver Criminologist Scott Phillips reviewed 504 capital indictments over three decades in Harris County, Texas, and found that defendants who hired lawyers for the entire trial were never sentenced to death -- and were more likely to be acquitted.
The results of his study, published over the summer in the Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology, are truly stunning. Since nearly all defendants facing the death penalty in Harris County were poor, Phillips argues that his results further demonstrate the arbitrariness of capital punishment. If a defendant's family and community is able to pool resources to hire an attorney, the paid attorney might be better equipped to investigate a case or to bring bargaining power to the table against a district attorney.
He makes clear that his findings aren't an indictment of appointed attorneys, but of the system that straddles those attorneys with thin resources in a death penalty case. Something clearly went wrong for results this drastic.

In other words the poor are at risk in Texas, US of America ---  Most Blacks are poor and uneducated in this rich nation.

Remember the two young blacks who were tied to a pick-up and dragged for miles and then dumped alive into a river by a klu klux klan member.

Would it be a pipe dream to imagine blacks and poor would be treated better in a rich and powerful nation in the 21st Century ? 


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Stem Cells grow into 220 spare tissue parts of our body. Heart, Lung, Kidney or any and give new life to 10s of 1000s of patients

Stem Cells could be grown into any of the almost 220 human tissues in the body.

It’s just like buying any spare part for any of your household items from Motor Car to the Wall clock that decorates your living room.

That’s it,  Stem Cells could be grown into any spare part for the body.  Heart or a Lung or Kidney or anything else that is diseased and damaged.

Also Stem Cells could treat adverse conditions like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and even spinal cord injury.

The former World’s Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Cassius Clay re-named Muhamed Ali comes to mind.

However,  a doubt is there in us,  if the elated boasts of scientists could go to the length of creating a person’s brain intact with all the data acquired in his life’s time ?

Embryonic Stem Cell is the most favoured by the ”culture artists” that grow spare organs in a laboratory.  But Human Life Activists wouldn’t let it go forward even at the cost of millions of anxious patients.

A hindering deafening voice rose up to say,  ”Embryo is Human Life even it be a few day’s old”.

Roman Catholic Church obstructed no end,  joined in by the infamous George Bush who cut off funds for Stem Cell Research.

Popes of the Catholic Church were all obstructionists of advancement of science.  Remember Galileo of ”Earth is Round” fame ?

Four hundred years ago the old man Galileo was forced to recant his theory of ”World is Round and it Revolves Around the Sun and NOT Sun goes by Earth”.

After recanting he stepped down from the Witness Box muttering ”Yet it moves”.

The last Polish Pope apologised publicly for the ”Wrong Done to Galileo Four Centuries Back”.

Today we have the good news from the Edinburgh University that Stem Cells could be prepared from the ”Skin of Patient” in limitless amount.

No longer an embryo is required.  Effectively shutting up the Pro-Life Activists.

And the Immune System of Patient has to accept the ”New Organ” as it is no stranger and carries the same DNA.

Sir Ian Wilmut, cloned Dolly the Sheep, says of his team’s effort as a ’significant step towards regenerative medicine’.

An year before Stem Cells were produced from skin of adults.

But it involved injecting certain viruses.  They carry extra four genes.  And these had the potential to turn cancerous.  Therefore, such Stem Cells were not suitable for human patients.

Now the research team from  universities of Edinburgh and Toronto have found a way to avoid the viruses.

The new technique, electroporation,  implant the extra genes through the pores of the skin and remove them once the process is complete presenting clean healthy cells.

Almost half of Europe is against use of  embryonic stem cells.

Now the ‘pro-lifers’ have nothing to cry over and the millions of patients have hope of being cured of their dreaded diseases !

US Food and Drug Administration has now approved study on ”human embryonic stem cell therapy”.  They considered the 21,000 page application for many months.

George Bush cut off all funding to Stem Cell Research except sixty lines that used embryos collected before August 2001.

Even though scientists warned only twenty of them were eligible cell lines.

It would be enlightening to enquire why George Bush provided funds for Stem Cell Research to a very narrow field when he had scant regard for ”Human Life”.

The FDA’s positive decision comes too late !

They claim the in-coming of Obama’s administration has had no influence on their decision.

Their denial is rendered ineffective when it is public knowledge a more pragmatic and science focused outlook was intended by the new administration.

The winds of change !!

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LTTE brought shame to Tamils by its path of ''terrorism'' to make life untenable for all Tamils the world over

Marwan Barghouti,  a key player in Palestinian politics,   is serving five life sentences in an Israeli prison.

See what he told to CNN of '' Negotiations''  and  ''Resistance'' from his prison cell.

''All freedom movements negotiated and resisted, and what I mean by resistance is the one that is permitted under international law and has international legitimacy.

''At this stage the political, diplomatic and negotiating approach, in addition to the popular peaceful resistance, is an acceptable matter in keeping with the existing conditions.

''It is the right of the Palestinian people to resist the Israeli military and settlement occupation which the International Court of Justice at The Hague has approved in addition to international law, the United Nations charter, and all religions. ''

However,  LTTE of Sri Lanka chose a path of crude terrorist confrontation that made almost every civilized country to ban them and nineteen countries to help Sri Lankan Government to defeat LTTE,  once and for all,  after thirty years of military struggle.

LTTE has brought shame on all Tamils :

1... by having the word ''Tamil'' in its Title and Logo

2... unilaterally declaring themselves as the ''sole'' representatives of ''Tamils''

3... and by going down the path of ''terrorism'' to make life untenable for all Tamils the world over.

LTTE leader had a closed mind and never could realise he is bound by civilized codes of conduct to lead a community.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Farmville Took My Money w/o Notice ... Is Zynga Games a Fraud ?

My Internet connection was lost.  Had no communication all these days till now.
Please see how I was cheated out of money in the game Farmville of Zynga Games.
Please see if you could advise all those whom you know to be playing Farmville of Zynga Games.
They offered a method of paying through Pay Pal.
For all purposes I was under the impression this was all a game and NOT at all real.
However Zynga Games thinks otherwise.
In the game Farmville they took $AU 40.00 from my Pal Pal account. 
The attachment shows my request and their response.
Is this bordering ''fraud'' or am I the damn fool ?
Trust we should NOT allow this to happen to others.
Thank you,
ben aloysius

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Monday, November 23, 2009

FIFA has swollen ''head'' and it's time it's bloated ego is punctured to set it down to size, if NOT Soccer would be lost for us

FIFA has swollen ''head'' and it's time it's bloated ego is punctured to set it down to size,  if NOT Soccer would be lost for us.

Today two personalities are engrossed in this tale of ''handball'' difficulty of FIFA.

The Player of France and President of FIFA.

The player is of course,  the ''suddenly'' contraversial figure of the French Captain,  Henry Theiry,  and his ''hand-ball'' that knocked out Ireland. 

Why ''suddenly'' ?

Why not, indeed !   

Take a glance at the record,  that shows no negatives,  except for this ''handball'',  and plenty of positives.

The other personality is the ''controversial'' Joseph S. Blatter,  commonly known as Sepp Blatter,  the 73 year old,   Swede,  the 8th president of FIFA.

We will discuss,  in our next post,  this man against whom several accusations were made but investigations were halted halfway.

Now for Henry Theiry of France: 

1... a prolific striker and Arsenal's all-time leading scorer with 226 goals
2... won two league titles and three FA Cups
3... twice nominated for the FIFA World Player of the Year
4...  named the PFA Players' Player of the Year twice
5...  the Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year three times
6... final two seasons with Arsenal as club captain, leading them to the UEFA Champions League final in 2006.

All these laurels despite his unfortunate beginnings in a poor and tough neighbourhood of Paris.   And no infamous reputation for bad behaviour on or off the football field. 

In fact,  Henry was considered an iconic figure.

That calls for sound ''up bringing'';  the credit goes to his parents, especially his mother.

In that fateful match against Ireland,  Henry Thiery did handle the ball.  Twice he did so.   The TV shows it.  

The Referee didn't see it.   But,  please note,  the Referee ''DID NOT'' question/ask the player,  when comotion erupted,  ''Was there a hand ball ?'' !

A Soccer match refree has the ''right'' to question a player,  when in doubt,  and the player is obliged to answer truthfully.

But the Referee of the Match did not ask Henry Thiery.

And Henry ''DID NOT'' own up to the hand ball  immediately,  during the game,  or even just after the final whistle went.

Henry was seen racing about celebrating the pseudo-victory.   

Did not the gravity of 'hand ball' sink in him ?   So he cheated.   Guilty by subsequent behaviour. QED.

The whole of Soccer World has watched and seen the shameful scenes. 

Ireland requested a replay of the game.

FIFA refused to consider TV evidence and rejected the appeal of the victim-team outright; on its stubborn rules: ''play to the whistle'' and ''referee's ruling is final''.

Not knowing this intransigence ruling of FIFA the pressurized Henry owns up to the press,  the following day,   ''Yes,  I handled the ball as an automatic reaction and definitely not to cheat - - -  in all fairness the game should be replayed''.

Next the all-powerful,  FIFA lambasts Henry Thiery for his ''owning up'' statement to the press after the omnipotent,  FIFA has ruled out re-play of the match.

Did anyone of FIFA officials,  leave alone the ''Creepy'' President,  contact Henry Thiery and advise him of their ''no replay'' decision and advice him ''not to issue press statements''.

Does FIFA treats players with humane respect ?

Did FIFA show respect to the feelings of the player mired in a controversy,  for the moment ?

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Marriage is license to hold, caress, cuddle and kiss an adorable person and do what comes naturally

Marriage is Man Made and Unnecessary for Social Security?  

Marriage is  license to hold, caress, cuddle and kiss an adorable person and do what comes naturally

What is this indecent hurry or need to get married, and why do we think it will fulfill our life's aspirations ?

The institution of marriage needs to be protected with contracts and promises, because it is a man-made. And therefore not perfect.

Marriage is a license to have sex with a particular person.

It is also a license to bear children that form as a result of the act of natural copulation. 

We feel the need to make the other person commit himself or herself so we can control them - - -  so we can be sure they will be with us for us to feel safe.  

It is a need to receive public approval associated with marriage

 In a marriage between two persons who love each other unconditionally, there is no need to tie the other person to a contract to control him or her. 

The root phrase is  ''unconditional love''.   It gives the partner the freedom of speech and action that we all crave for..

Surely we do not want to own a ''Slave''. do we ?

We wish to control others because we lack self-love.
Whatever that means to you !

We value our worth by the opinion of those around us.

We do NOT look on the darker side of our partner before marriage.  

And when it raises its ugly head,  affter marriage,  we tred the expensive and heart rending path of Divorce and legal battles.

Do anyone of us deserve this curse ? !

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

British newspapers are dismayed at the choice of EU presidency but they cannot hold a candle to the choice of 27 leaders of E U

Herman van Rompuy and Baroness Catherine Ashton
Belgian PM Herman van Rompuy was named President of the European Council. 

Briton Baroness Catherine Ashton was made EU foreign affairs supremo. 

The US has welcomed the appointment of the first permanent EU president and foreign representative.
British newspapers were not happy.   They said the choices would not help the EU to achieve a greater global impact.

The owners and editors of these papers didn't have the courtesy of acknowledging  that,
Mr Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton were chosen unanimously for the positions 
by the 27 leaders at a summit in Brussels.  This includes the British PM too.

The British papers questioned whether Baroness Ashton would carry much weight in her role.

It looks like British papers were rooting for Tony Blair and are disappointed along with him.

But why pick on  Baroness Ashton ?   Let's see what he has to say about her appointment. 

Baroness Ashton said she would pursue a policy of "quiet diplomacy" in her role as High Representative for Foreign Affairs. 

She said she had the relevant skills for the job and that she had developed strong relationships during her time as EU Trade Commissioner. 

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said   she was looking forward to working closely with Mr Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton on issues of mutual concern, including the Iranian nuclear debate, achieving stability in Afghanistan and promoting a peace agreement in the Middle East.

The President of the EU Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, also praised the appointments, saying it would be "impossible to find a better choice than those personalities for the European Union leadership". 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said of Mr Van Rompuy  "We got a candidate who brings consensus and whose political competence have long been tested and tried throughout his political career,"

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said it had been "a very wise decision" to choose a candidate from "an important country but not one of the most important countries, so that no-one will feel excluded" from EU debate. 

Do the British papers think they are better than these people we have quoted above ?  


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sensual description of beauty ''Sita'' looking at Rama for the first time and how her 'alkul' twitched for joy

 Women Farmer has no land Rights

Every worthy language has its own literature developed over 1000s of years.

In them we experience poetic description of beautiful and captivatng women.   In Greek the story of Helen of Troy
tells us in a beautiful description: ''The Face That Launched 1000 Ships''.  

Then we have the ''Seven Veils Dance of Salome'', after which she asks for and is given the head of 
John the baptizer of Jesus, on a platter.  Grusome people. 

Coming to East we have the sensual description of the beauty ''Sita'' looking from her balcony,  
at Rama down below for the first time and how her 'alkul' twitched for joy, 
according to the sage poet Kampan, not me, no Sir, not at all Sir.

But do we have any religion in the world that grants equal rights to woman with man ?


And if ''necessity'' is the father or mother of invention,  then of 'necessity' we got to invent
a woman look  alike God and a religion to suit the new deity.

Besides,  world over,  food is grown and produced by agriculture services.  And it is women 
who handle most of the manual labour work in farms.

And they have no ''Land Rights''.

"Consider the daily life of the world’s typical small farmer," said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,   "She lives in a rural village in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, or Latin America."

That's right: women grow more than half of the world's food,  as much as 80 percent,  of the food in developing countries, reports the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Despite their majority contribution, however, women only own 2 percent of the world's land, according to UN WomenWatch. 

Around the world, women are deprived of legal rights to the land they toil over day after day.

Rural Development Institute (RDI), an NGO that helps farmers in developing countries get legal land rights.   It is launching a new Global Center for Women's Land Rights. 

Obama pledged a minimum of $3.5 billion over the next three year as a contribution to the $20 billion pledged by all the G-8 nations toward strengthening global agricultural systems.

"We have seen again and again . . . that women are entrepreneurial, accountable, and practical," said Clinton. "So women are a wise investment. And since the majority of the world’s farmers are women, it’s critical that our investments in agriculture leverage their ambition and perseverance."

At last the world seems to be crawling around to progress, on bended knee though !

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

''Blackwater'' Iraq's Security Services hired by ''Halliburton'' of Dick Cheney and bribed to cover up shooting of 17 civilians

We know Halliburton company rakes in billions of dollars the world over --- Just as Osama bin Laden said in his tapes.
Osama has quoted only this company, ever, as making money out of ''wars''.

And also we know a senior administrator in  US Army was dismissed for :
1... for testifying to expose the blatant  fraud of over charging Pentagon for millions dollars for fuel supplied in Iraq.

2... for granting a billion dollar contract to Halliburton company without calling for tender bids.

Halliburton was kicked out of Iraq when their guads shot and killed 17 civilians and bribes of  millions of dollars failed to cover up the story.

 Halliburton is now Xe Services.

Taliban in Pakistan has vehemently denied responsibility for a recent bombings in Swat valley.  

It is pointing towards Xe Services.  And at Pakistan's security services.. 

Western Media reports that Blackwater denies having any contracts in Pakistan.

Xe Services too denied their presence in Pakistan under contract or no contract.   Their Director,  Stacey DeLuke,  told  ''We have no contract there in Pakistan''.

But Christian Science Monitor says the Xe Services company "now provides security for a US-backed aid project" in the city of Peshawar.

Peshawar was the city where recent bombings killed hundreds of people.   

The accuracy of targets suggests ''collusion between the attackers and security forces'', goes the popular gossip.

 "Car bombers have struck at army and anti-terror police headquarters in the past two years without the slightest hindrance."

And Xe Services is another name for ''Halliburton'' Security Services company.

Now who is telling the truth or bribing out of trouble ? !

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Manny Pacquiao, wonder boxer, only world champion in ''seven'' weight divisions, his speed doesn't slow till end of last round

  Manny                                 Corazon

Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao (pronounced ''pækjaʊ'', born December 17, 1978,  

He is more commonly known as ''Manny''  Pacquiao.  A Filipino professional boxer. 
The only septuple (seven) weight world champion in boxing history.  

Presently, he fights in the welterweight division.

Ring Magazine rates him as the #1 ''pound-for-pound'' boxer in the world.

Pacquiao has participated in politics, acting in films, and music recording.

Pacquiao was born in Mindanao, the Muslim province of insurgency.  
But   currently resides in General Santos City. 
His wife is Jinkee Pacquiao and they have four children. 

On February 24, 2007, in Cebu City, Pacquiao was booed by thousands of spectators.

Shows fickleness of mind of his Filipino supporters. 

Pacquiao's appeal diminished due to his political ambition. His fights attract noticeably smaller audiences,  says biographer in Wikipedia.. 

President Arroyo's endorsement of Pacquiao is in place,  whenever he takes the plunge into serious politics.

On May 17, 2007, Pacquiao suffered a lopsided election defeat with a deficit of approximately 37,000 votes.  
He lost a huge sum of money.   
His supporters funneled campaign funds to their own pockets. 

He became the first Filipino athlete to appear on a postage stamp.

Pacquiao was quoted by ''Time'' Magazine as an influential person of the year 2009. 

''Forbes'' Magazine had him in its annual Celebrity 100 list for the year 2009. 

Forbes also listed Pacquiao as the world's sixth highest-paid athlete, with a total of $40 million. 

Philipines is the first country to successfuly use ''people's power'' to chase the hated Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos from Presidential Palace.

People's President Curazon Acquino handed over power voluntarily when her term of office was over.  

Much more decent a politician than most today.

Writer is proud to have had her as a pen friend in 1950s.

Philipines is also sadly a country that has one its former presidents in prison, Joseph Estrada.

Estrada should not have been elected for any public office in the first place.
He was a film actor,  well known and publicly accepted ''womanizer'' and an unprincipled man in life throughout.

Manny Pacquiao may be sympathetic towards poor people.  

But the question remains: Will the other selfishly crafty politicians of Philipines allow him to do a proper job ?

Observers doubt it very much !

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