Monday, July 19, 2010

A teacher placed his hand on his head and asked, ''தம்பிமாரே இதுக்கு பெயர் என்ன''

Students chorused, ''உச்சி'',

Teacher continued ''தமிழில் ஓரு சொல்லு ஆனால் ஆங்கிலத்தில் Top of the Head என்று பல சொற்கள் ஆகவே தமிழே சிறந்தது''.

An impartial student, retorted,

''Sir, just because we do no

தமிழ் சமுதாயத்தினது பரவலான வியாதி -- எதற்கெடுத்தாலும் ''தமிழ், தமிழன், தமிழ் துரோகி'' --

தமிழ் சமுதாயத்தினது பரவலான வியாதி -- எதற்கெடுத்தாலும் ''தமிழ், தமிழன், தமிழ் துரோகி'' --

தமிழ் சமுதாயத்தின் கிறிமினல் குற்றவாளிகள் ''தமிழர் விடுதலை'' என்கின்ற போர்வையில் இயங்கும் துவக்கு தூக்கிய சமுதாய துரோகிகளே !

இது சகல தமிழ் இயக்கங்களுக்கும் பொருந்தும் !!

இதையும் தமிழன் தானே இன்னோர் தமிழனுக்கு . . .

TAMBARAM: Chennai Suburban Police on Tuesday arrested four men in connection with the kidnapping of a U.K. citizen of Sri Lankan Tamil origin in Pallavaram last month.

A portion of the ransom money that was paid to the kidnappers was recovered and a search is on for two others, including a Sri Lankan national.

Chennai Suburban Police Commissioner S.R. Jangid said:

P. Shanmugavel, the U.K. citizen, had come to Chennai in April and on June 22, was travelling in a car driven by Ramu, to Triplicane.

At Veteran Lines in Pallavaram, their vehicle was intercepted by a couple of autorickshaws from which a group of men emerged, overpowered Shanmugavel and Ramu and bundled them into another car, waiting some distance away.

They were blindfolded and taken to a house in a desolate location far away from Chennai.

The kidnappers called his wife, Radhika and demanded a ransom of Rs. 25 lakh.

Later in the evening, she handed over a suitcase containing Rs.17.5 lakh and a little later, Shanmugavel was let off in Anna Nagar, along with Ramu.

Following a complaint, the Pallavaram police and a special crime team started investigations and at Pallavaram-Thoraipakkam Radial Road on Tuesday evening, intercepted the vehicle that was used to kidnap the two men.

Police arrested Janarthanam, Srinivasan, Suresh and Bhaskar, Mr. Jangid said, adding that a search was on for Balamurugan Paramasivam, a Sri Lankan citizen.

Balamurugan was well known to Shanmugavel as they were business partners earlier, but had split owing to differences over a money transaction.

The Pallavaram police said Balamurugan had in the past threatened to get even with Shanmugavel.

However, the whereabouts of Balamurugan was not known, police said, suspecting that he would have left the country.

The full report is here :

Sunday, July 18, 2010

All Religions Reject Equality and Respect for Women and therefore it stands to reason the ''Male'' chauvinist invented the ''God'' and ''Religion''!

The greedy Bankers kept women out of their Boardrooms and therefore had no sense of balance and we saw the disaster in the last Financial Crisis.

The very same disaster will occur if Religious Leaders tread the 'male chauvinist' path !

Already the Catholic Church suffers the pangs of sexual abuse by Priests and it has tainted


Friday, July 16, 2010

Sinhala doctor suspected in the killing of Tharsika in Veala’nai government hospital In Jaffna Peninsula

Eingestellt von ulavan Donnerstag, 15. Juli 2010
Intention of taking the Sinhala doctor suspected in the killing of Tharsika in Veala’nai government hospital out of Jaffna peninsula came to light when Oorkaavattu’rai police requested permission from Magistrates court to transfer the case to Anuradapura court Thursday claiming safety of the suspect, legal sources in Jaffna said.
Meanwhile, Jaffna prison authorities and Oorkaavattu’rai police Thursday submitted contradicting reports in Oorkaavattu’rai court on why the suspect was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in Jaffna Teaching Hospital (JTH) Wednesday night. Prison authorities’ report said that the suspect was suffering from chest pain while the police report said that the suspect had sustained physical injuries in the prison. Meanwhile, the medical officer who had admitted the suspect to JTH, summoned to Oorkaavattu’rai court Thursday, told the court that the suspect was in normal health condition without any injury at the time of admittance.

Oorkaavattu’rai magistrate fixed the next inquiry into the case for 19 July and directed the Judicial Medical Officer in JTH to submit the suspect to medical examination and produce the report in the court. The magistrate further directed the police to continue to keep the suspect in JTH under police protection. Oorkaavatturai police seeking permission to move the case to Anuardapura court and to transfer the suspect to Anuradapura prison reveals the interest shown in taking the suspect out of Jaffna peninsula, legal sources in Jaffna said.

The Sinhala doctor suspect arrested by police Tuesday under suspicion of involvement in the killing of Tharsika from Charava'nai, a family consultant nurse Saturday in Veala’nai government hospital in the islets of Jaffna, was produced in Oorkaavattu’rai magistrate court Wedne sday. Magistrate Vasanthasenan had directed the police to place him in Jaffna Remand Prison until 21 July. A relative of the Sinhala doctor suspect who is a high officer in Sri Lanka Navy (SLN) in the islets of Jaffna had managed to save him from the enraged residents of Veala’nai Saturday.

Interested political persons then had the suspect transferred first to one hospital and then to another in Jaffna peninsula to hide him. The suspect was then kept in the office of Health Department in Jaffna avoiding arrest by police

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Change of Email Address from Gmail to Hotmail

To All Those Cut Up with my non-postings - - -
The change in my location from Australia to Sri Lanka upset Posterous --
It rejected my postings made from Sri Lanka as ''posting from different location'' --
My normal postings from Australia were done on
After protracted correspondence with Posterous am now permitted to
post from
Trust there wouldn't be anymore hassle.
Am wondering if it would serve you better if my postings on
Internet are NOT sent to you in the future.
Please tell me if my postings are of no use to you.
I shall remove your email address w/o rancour and you will be rid of bad rubbish.
My doubt whether you are receiving any of my ramblings arose as there are
no comments from you.
As if am addressing void.
Thank you and Cheers !

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

American Republican Party Scoundrels Ruined Country and Blame Obama !

Here are some gems we crossed in Internet this morning --

It is known the American Republican Party :

1... Saw to it that wealth from the middle class went to the 2 % Americans who are the wealthiest by cutting taxes for the wealthiest ---

2... Removed all the rules that held Finance, Oil, Medical and Insurance companies and corporations accountable to the public --

3... Allowed and even encouraged reckless handling of finace by big banks to the point of collapse that made eight million Americans unemployed and now blames Obama for the mess they themselves created --

4... Ignored the Health Care costs that explodes each year --

5... Tried to privatize Soclal Security knowing fully well the enormous implications that would ruin our economy and the country as well --

7... Permitted Drug companies have an open season to rake in large profits at the cost of the consumer --

8... Turned a blind eye to the declining average income of family to below $ 2,000 --

9... Dragged America into an unwanted war in Iraq only to reap billions of dollars for Dick Cheney, George Bush Jr and Tony Blair the toad --

10.. And left Afghanistan in quagmire and brought disrepute to usa throughout the world --

We wonder if the American voters will send these scoundrels back to their homes next November, election time !

Or, vote for them, just as they voted in George Bush Jr the clown of the century !!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ah ! The much ridden horse of ''China Fear'' has atlast given up the ghost ! Contention between China nd Taiwan is resolved ! !

This morning read the TruthDigg by Robert Scheer and found this --
Eternal joke being played on the stage of world politics ?
Today we will see what the holier than the Holy Cow does in American Senate !
We all know of the credit crunch that made millions of Americans jobless --
And,  when Congress is struggling to find the $34 billion needed to continue
unemployment payments for six months to 1.7 million workers thrown out of jobs --
Sen. Joe Lieberman thunders “If we do not move to produce two submarines a year
as soon as possible, we are in serious danger of falling behind China” --
Each submarine costs $2.5 billion --  And are built in his home state Connecticut.
But then submarines are useless to capture al-Qaida terrorists holed up in
some mountain caves.
There are many more american politicians, too numerous to quote here,  that go down
the easy,  unthinking ''blame China'' path.
“The Chinese are Coming” became the last resort of war-profiteering scoundrels --
Once the Russians began disarming at a galloping rate --
American Defence Budget is set at a thumping $700 Billion for sophisticated weaponry.
America gets most of this money from China as loans.   That's beside the point says Senator !
Suddenly the pompous,  bloated ego of Pentagon and their weapons contractors is pricked by a sharp pin from China and collapsed last tuesday with no warning what-so-ever !
China and Taiwan signed a Trade Agreement last tuesday.
So what ?
Ah !  The much ridden horse of ''China Fear'' has atlast given up the ghost !
Contention between China nd Taiwan is resolved ! !
War mongers like Dick Cheney,  George Bush,  Tony Blair have to discover a new horse
or invent one.
The gossipvine tells a new development in White House --  
First Lady has moved out to a smaller bedroom --  as
President Obama is bursting out in horse-laugh !
In his sleep !!    


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