Thursday, July 15, 2010

American Republican Party Scoundrels Ruined Country and Blame Obama !

Here are some gems we crossed in Internet this morning --

It is known the American Republican Party :

1... Saw to it that wealth from the middle class went to the 2 % Americans who are the wealthiest by cutting taxes for the wealthiest ---

2... Removed all the rules that held Finance, Oil, Medical and Insurance companies and corporations accountable to the public --

3... Allowed and even encouraged reckless handling of finace by big banks to the point of collapse that made eight million Americans unemployed and now blames Obama for the mess they themselves created --

4... Ignored the Health Care costs that explodes each year --

5... Tried to privatize Soclal Security knowing fully well the enormous implications that would ruin our economy and the country as well --

7... Permitted Drug companies have an open season to rake in large profits at the cost of the consumer --

8... Turned a blind eye to the declining average income of family to below $ 2,000 --

9... Dragged America into an unwanted war in Iraq only to reap billions of dollars for Dick Cheney, George Bush Jr and Tony Blair the toad --

10.. And left Afghanistan in quagmire and brought disrepute to usa throughout the world --

We wonder if the American voters will send these scoundrels back to their homes next November, election time !

Or, vote for them, just as they voted in George Bush Jr the clown of the century !!

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