Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BON Better Open Nations

Everyone loves an ''Open and Transparent'' Nation!

Except Crooks and Money-Making Politicians!!

If you honestly wish to have such a ''governance'' in your

country - - - please join us and we will make a joint effort.

Remember, every revolution had its good persons, but they

were disposed of later.


பாசப் படை said...
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லேகா பக்க்ஷே said...

We admit that your proposal is a lofty idea.
But it is a pure and simple pipe dream.
Like the Utopia.
How do you propose having Open and Transparent or
the ''See Thru'' governments, as you call it, for all the nations ?
You are writing about Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe for the last so many months and what have you achieved?
Got that old nasty out of power?
Anyway, we wish you all the good luck in the world,
you will need them to get what you want.