Monday, May 4, 2009

Catholic Church in Its ''Logicless'' World

Once again the Pope apologises. This time, the media says, to those Canadian abused children in residential Catholic schools.

Pope Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI

Last year this German Pope apologised to American children.

Then travelled down to Australia to deliver another apology to abused children there.

It is hoped the Pope would be honest to think of apologising to those in the African continent.

And all over South East Asia and the rest of the World.

Wherever the Catholic Church spread its wings to abuse children and then cover up exerting its ecclesiastical robe.

Roman Catholic Church StPetersBasilica St Peter’s Basilica, The Roman Catholic Church, Vatican, Rome, Italy

The World has just a handful of long established religions.

Of which the Catholic Church is the only one to accept
responsibility for the sexual abuses of children under its care.

Abuses by the Priests who were ordained to spread the word of God and not the legs of helpless children to gratify their natural sexual urge.

Sexual Abuses in the Roman Catholic Church are recorded
in ''The Decameron'' of 100 novels by Italian writer Giovanni

Giovanni Boccaccio  born 1313 Giovanni Boccaccio Boccaccio's Lady Fortune spinning her wheel Boccaccio's Lady Fortune spinning her wheel

Every subsequent consequential writer from Voltaire to
Shakespeare have taken stories from the Decameron.

Voltaire Voltaire Shakespeare Shakespeare

In the early 16th Century, 1517 to be exact, Martin Luther,
a Roman Catholic Priest, posted 95 Theses that led to the breakaway in the well established Church.

Martin Luther Initiator of Protestantism Martin Luther Initiator of Protestantism

The accusation was against the ''Purchase of Indulgences''.
The Pope preached ''The Sins of Human Nature could avoid
the 'wrath of God', the 'anger of God', 'the curse of God' by
purchasing 'Indulgences' with money from the Catholic Church !

This is a hell-of-a how-do-you-do !

Commit a Sin. Buy the said Indulgence. And you are
exempt from God's ''punishment'' !!

Just like Tony Blair sold Knighthood in Britain !!!

Tony Blair Tony Blair

The previous Pope, John Paul II, the Good Polish Pope, began the ''Apology'' from Jerusalem.

Pope John Paul II.

He apologised for wrong done by the Roman Catholic Church to the ancient Scientist Galileo Galilei. Four hundred years ago.

Galileo Galilei ancient Scientist Galileo Galilei

The old man said, " The Earth is round and it revolves
around the Sun''.

The Catholic Church said, ''The Earth is flat and Sun
revolves around the Earth''.

Galileo was compelled to retract under threat of ''losing life''.

The old man did --- but stepping down from the witness box
he is said to have muttered, ''Yet, it moves'' !

The sexual abuses by Roman Catholic Priests have NOT
ceased. They are only NOT reported.

Why cannot the Pope realise the truth and allow his priests to marry and satiate natural lust in the natural method given
by God to man and woman ?

Why cannot Pope allow the use of Condoms to prevent
spread of HIV/AIDS --- a disease not known in the days
the Holy Bible was compiled ?

Where am I and others of similar thoughts wrong in asking these questions in view of the evidence open to every
educated person to see and judge !


லேகா பக்க்ஷே said...

அப்புறம் ஏன் சார் தங்களோட போட்டோ வரல?
மூன்றாம் அருளப்பர் சின்னப்பர் பதின்ஏழாம் பெனடிக்ட் எல்லாரும் எங்க போய்ட்டினம்??

bena said...

என்னா ஒரேயடியா எகிருறீங்க ---

எனக்கு ரெண்டு அருள்-சின் தான் தெரியும் ---

மூன்றாவதையும் பதின் எழாவது பெனெடிக்ட்
எனக்கு தெரியவே தெரியாது அம்மா ---

சம்பந்தா சம்பந்தம் இல்லாது போலிருக்குதே !

SteveMD2 said...

The church is not at all about God and Jesus. It is about power and control, pure and simple. And becoming ever more so, now that a man who grew up in Nazi Germany is at the helm.

The rape of the children - mostly males because the church didn't have until recently choir girls, is not simply rape. It is analogous to prison rape, where the power structure is established by sex starved people using rape as a tool to humiliate the victim.

And why did the church hide its criems? Because the rot must reach all the way to the top. And the situation is so bad, in far more then the USA, that if proper compensation were granted, the world would be rid of this monstrosity.

The institution who also gave the world the 1000 year dark ages and the crusades against the Muslims. As many as 50 million were murdered in the name of God - no wonder they hate us, as shown on 9/11.

And the church gave the world the hatred of Jesus own people the Jews. Which culminated when a Catholic madman took over Germany utilizing this hatred as a path to election. And 50 million, including the Jews, Germany's gays and others died in industrialized murder camps.

Good riddance to this monstrostiy. If there are other civilizations out in space, no wonder none of them, presumably more advanced, want to talk to us. They are probably discussing whether earth should be their garbage dump.

Unless they could please do the world a favor, and float the vatican up into space. And then let it come back down to earth via gravity. Watching it burn up like a meteor would be the finest vision of hell we have ever seen.