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Japan Must Learn from Sri Lanka

Monday, 31 August 2009  

new leader japan

Atlast,  after five decades,   the Gods have bestowed wisdom on the Peoples of Japan.

The death grip of the ruling party is broken.   A new party is chosen to rule.   A vast majority of members of parliament are in place to support the Leader to effect changes as he promised.

The Leader is a wealthy man and therefore blessed with ''clean'' hands.

We will wait and see how he will respond to this ''one time'' oppurtunity.

A lesson in History.     People of the tiny Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka voted such a chance in 1977.
Both the Sinhalese and the Tamils were of similar minds.   Both voted for ''Change''.

j r jayawardane president sri lanka

United National Party under the Leadership of J. R. Jayawardane was given a vast majority without a single of member for the ''Left'' group of LSSP,  Nava - LSSP or Communit Party.

The Tamils were undivided in their choice of Federal Party or the Tamil Arasu Kadchi.   It translates into Eglish as ---  Tamil Ruling Party.  It opposes the meaning of the English Version which denotes a Federal Form of Government.

Bsically the ''then'' Tamil Leaders chose to cheat their public into thinking of themselves as ''Rulers'' of the nation,  even though statistically the Tamils are only twelve percent of the population.

amirthalingam leader tamil people

Instead of supporting the Government and getting possible favours for Tamils the so called Federal Party engaged in confrontational politics to show the Tamil people that they are ''prepared to fight for rights of Tamils''.

But when the son of the Tamil Leader,  Amirthalingam,  was captured with treasonable documents , Amirthalingam went on bended knee to J.R. Jayawardane.   JR set the boy free.  And the ''boy'' went over to UK with valid visa.

JR and Amir squandered the chance of solving the ethnic problem.

And today the Sri Lankan Tamils are left high and dry.

Pirabakaran Tamil Tiger Leader

Tamil Tigers the terrorists self-proclaimed ''Sole Representatives of the Tamils''.   Shot and killed all those that opposed themselves, Tigers.

Tigers prevented Tamils from voting in Presidential Election.   Therefore, the unforeseen happened.   

Mahinda Rajapakse ‘’Won’’ and became President and bane of Tigers.


Government Forces defeated Tigers.   And three hubdred thousand Tamils captured with Tamil Tigers  are in internment camps for clearance of treason.

The Sri Lankan government was supported by nineteen nations to win the Tamil Tiger war.

And many more are supporting to develop the country's trade !

But Tamil Tigers will never give up their lucrative grip on their people !!

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