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SriLanka Qn - - - Dayan Jayathillake

The renowned and non-communal minded editor of Lanka Guardian was Mervyn de Silva.   
He discussed local and international politics at home with his son,  Dayan, since he was 8 years young.

The young Dayan changed his surname to his paternal ancestrol name of Jayathillake.

Now we will get glimpse of Dr Dayan Jayathillake,  the diplomat,  SriLanka's Rep at UN,  non-communal minded intellectual like the Tamil intelectual Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam.

We should bear in mind Dr Neelan Thiruchelvam was considered a traitor by the Tamil Tigers and mudered by them.
Likewise Lasantha Wicrematunge was murdered by the SriLankan govt thugs.

Dr Dayan Jayathillake has said,  in Sri Lanka Guardian,  on Tamil Qn :

'' Most countries of the world supported us to finish off Prabhakaran and the Tigers; not the Tamils.

The Provincial Council,  '' 13th amendment not been in practice for even a year in peacetime It has to be tried out for a decent length of time.

'' How we would all have behaved had these been a quarter million Sinhalese of all ages behind barbed wire and armed guards, rather than a quarter million Tamils.

'' The IDP issue is being looked after by an 18 person Task Force which is headed by a Sinhalese and initially had only Sinhalese members,

 '' Provincial power sharing can be strengthened by first putting it into practice under conditions of peace and normalcy.

'' What is needed is the broadest international consensus in favor of the full and expeditious implementation of the 13th amendment, which after all, is part of our very Constitution and is something we have solemnly promised.

'' Since our historic military victory we have not yet followed it up with a political component which is necessary to reinforce that victory,

'' The TNA which contested the 2004 elections claiming that the Tigers were the sole representatives of the Tamils, have made a comeback in the North.

'' If our political process continues to delay or be inadequate, what is to prevent the Tamil voters from either boycotting in large numbers or opting for the TNA at the forthcoming parliamentary elections?

On the Qn of IDP camps   '' We must ask ourselves whether we are doing the very best we can on this issue.  Would we have put up with a situation in which a quarter million Sinhalese were behind the wire while their issue was being handled by a Task Force which was composed almost exclusively of Tamils? ''

'' At least we should have the Social Services Minister, who is a Northern Tamil, as the co-chair of the IDP Task Force.

His appeal to SriLankans:  '' We have to share this small island on which we do not live alone. We have to coexist. We cannot force togetherness or integration.  

'' But if we cooperate and then unite, we can create wonders. Let us join Asia and the global mainstream.

-Sri Lanka Guardian

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