Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stevia the Sweetner Strengthens Pancreas and is Safer than Sugar

Stevia  herbal  plant's  extract  in  liquid  form  or  powder  is  used  successfully  as  a 
Sweetener  by  Diabetic Patients  in  the  Caribbean  for  a long  period  of  time.

It is safer than regular Sugar.    As Stevia contains no chemicals whatsoever.
It can help lower their blood sugar and help strengthen the pancreas, the organ that produces insulin.

The  only  complaint  is  that  Stevia  leaves  a bad  taste  in  the  mouth.

However,  this  problem  is  solved  by  manufacturers,  says Time magazine,  
in the form of  TruVia and PureVia

This article was written by  Katherine Huether
  in  eHow to ...

Stevia is 30 times sweeter than regular sugar. This means a drop or two of the extract or quater or half a tea spoon of the powder is sufficent to sweeten your cup of coffee or tea.

 The extracts come in liquid form and are usually sweeter than the powders. Keep this in mind as you reach for the Stevia to sweeten your bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.   Stevia added food is  healthy filled with good things for your heart and your blood sugar.
Sweeten it with a little cinnamon and you'll be helping your blood sugar even further.

If you do want to substitute Stevia for sugar in your recipes, use this conversion: 1 cup of sugar is equivalent to approximately 1 tsp. of the liquid extract and 1 1/2 tsp. of the powdered extract. For example, you can add it to unsweetened chocolate, yogurt, coffee, tea and basically any recipe that calls for sugar.

Consider baking with Stevia. But before you substitute Stevia for sugar in your favorite cookie recipe, understand that this will change the composition considerably.
Sugar gets crispy in the oven and also interacts with yeast if you're baking things like bread. In order to bake with it properly your best bet is to follow a recipe specifically created for Stevia.



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