Thursday, February 11, 2010

Communist-Capitalist Chinese exclaim ''Oh My God ! ''The US is talking to Dalai Lama and Taiwan, when we are angry with them !''

Communist-Capitalist Chinese exclaim ''Oh My God ! ''The US is talking to Dalai Lama and Taiwan,  when we are angry with them !''

This is a sample of the many editorials of Chinese Newspapers,  given us by BBC on WHYS :

''Some angry youth and military hawks are still not satisfied with the rational and strong counter-moves [taken by Beijing] and are determined to make the US experience the ferocity of the Chinese. Ordinary Chinese people can be sent to the West to overwhelm the US and Europe.''

Do you honestly believe,  brothers and sisters,  as we did,  the editor that wrote the above piece means to say that if US persists in talking to peace-loving refugee: Dalai Lama and the hardworking Taiwan,  in a decent manner or indecent if culture is deemed decadent,  depending on which juicy parts of anatomy are covered or exposed to all elements, the Western Nations will experience a sudden flurry of migration of ''ordinary Chinese people'', while China would retain the extra-ordinary Chinese people to populate and develop their own sweet land ?

Our Media is focusing a magnifying glass on its myopic view of the economically successful
portion of China and churning out boringly glaring headlines.

Whereas millions of Chinese are in abject poverty forced out of their ancient homes by the
Chinese govt officials finding way for Olympic stadiums and prestige picking ''3 Gorge Dam''
and many such suddenly dreamt up projects.

Ha, Media Man,  how about the frequent deaths in unsafe mines,  eh ?

What about the ''stolen body organs'' of those 'condemned to death' people ?  Stolen before they were put to death !

How about the denial of knowledge by blocking Internet for millions of people ?  The Internet which we take for granted just as ''air'' we breathe freely ?

Ever heard of how the President himself ordered the arrest of a Managing Director of a Foreign Firm in China who refused to co-operate to find out the name of a Chinese dissident,  purely on the high moral principle of ''Secret of Another'' ?

You wouldn't have 'cos high morals in Journalism is a matter of the past,  just as your partner in moral-crime :  Crooks,  Liars  and  Cheating-Politicins !   


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