Saturday, February 27, 2010

True? Italian PM Berlusconi owns all TV stations & most Newspapers - Charged for Tax Fraud and Bribery - Legislate to avoid Courts


Ten of thousands of Italians have demonstrated in Rome against Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, over his attempts to evade justice.

Mr Berlusconi is on trial in two corruption cases.

But legislation being discussed in parliament would help him avoid court.

The protesters accuse the PM of seeking to undermine the legal system.

Banners said : "Enough, the law is the same for everyone."

"We are starved of legality,"

"Today, the real Taliban is Berlusconi''

 ''Berlusconi wants to tie hands of Magistrates."

Italy's National Association of Magistrates condemned Mr Berlusconi.

Mr Berlusconi is on trial for allegedly bribing British lawyer David Mills into providing false testimony in previous trials.

And for alleged tax fraud relating to business before he entered politics.

Two bills being considered by MPs would suspend legal proceedings.


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