Friday, March 12, 2010

Three senior boys of Catholic Hostel were determined to check the abuse of a junior boy, whose sister was a ''Miss Ceylon'', by the warden of Hindu Hostel

Pope Benedict once unwittingly approved housing for a priest accused of child sex abuse.

It took place in 1980 when Pope Benedict the 16th was archbishop of Germany's Munich and Freising diocese and known as Joseph Ratzinger.

However, the priest now known only as '' H ''  later abused other children and was convicted.

Roman Catholic clergy have recently been linked to paedophilia scandals.

German Bishop Robert Zollitsch has apologised to victims of abuse.

At a meeting with the German-born Pope on Friday he discussed accusations made in some 170 cases.

The Pope himself has defended celibacy among priests, saying it is a sign of "full devotion" to the Catholic Church.

The BBC report is here 

To ease my mind may I please present - - -

In the fifties there were two hostels at St Patrick's College, Jaffna,  Sri Lanka - then known as Ceylon -

Fr Francis, a local, was the Warden of Hindu Hostel and Fr Jesudasan, another local, was the Warden of Catholic Hostel.

Three senior boys of Catholic Hostel were determined to check the abuse of a junior boy,  whose sister was a ''Miss Ceylon'',  by the warden of Hindu Hostel -

One afternoon,  a non-school day,  when all boys were at 'studies' the fair boy was taken away from his desk by the warden of hindu hostel -

As if it was quite normal -

The three idealists slipped out of study hall - jumped over boundary wall - reached a near by home with phone -

Reported the indecency taking place in the room of the warden of hindu hostel to the person who answered at Bishop's House -

The three quickly ran back and slipped into their places in the study hall -

Rev Father Rector has had knocked at the door of Fr Francis and some halabuloo has taken place -

May be a phone call to Fr Rector from Bishop's House could have caused the commotion -

The culprit priest was transferred out  -  on a promotion  -  and all hell broke loose -

Irugalbandara was dismissed  -  He confessed a-study-hall-key-throwing incident-to Fr Bursar -
Fr Bursar, Selvaratnam with projecting belly,  heard the confession,  sneaked to rector and warden -
Bandara was given a large U shaped magnet and lengthy rope to pull out the bunch of keys from well -
Next saturday morning, much to his surprise and fear,  his pater has arrived at hostel to take him home -
Confession,  to our surprise and wrath,  couldn't save him from the ultimate punishment of dismissal -
Benedict an HSC student was made to leave college by constant checking of his desk and trunk -
This boy had sinus trouble and idiotically smoked ''3 Roses'' cigarettes applied with Wintegeno,  the harsh ''pain-rub'' cream -
His smokes were in an empty ''Swan'' pen box -  and had some photographs in a silver cigarette case -
For his luck,  Fr Jesudasan,  his oppressor,  pocketed the cigarette case gleefully and did not probe further -
The cigarettes in the Swan pen box were not discovered -

Fr wrote parents of Benedict -  His mother a strict disciplinarian wrote back ''Indeed the silver cigarette case was given him to keep some photos he and his father develop and print in the dark room they maintain at home'' -

And she added ''If our son had any forbidden matter he should be severely punished'' -

The boy took the shortest cut out of college in fear of dismissal and an angered mum -

He was the only student of Fr David, the Linguist, who did not enter Uni and graduate -

The other two ended their careers as Director of Planning and Govt Agent Batticaloa -

B wasn't a dullard - Passed exams w/o studying at hostel study times -

The third,  Gunawardane,  too left college soon after,  and went onto get a surveyor's license -  

None of them completed their studies -

Society expects devotion,  love,  understanding towards children from Catholic Priests -

But gets mostly abuse and oppression that blasts the future of their wards -

Personally,  the priests in general cannot be blamed for the natural,  biological urge they feel as normal humans -

Semen secreted by the gonads (sexual glands) and other sexual organs -

It is well known,  the urge to send out the secreted semen in a man is ordered by his brain and he looks out for another body -

The wise finds the easy way  -  his own hand  -  masturbation -

Many bloggers and thinkers have advocated the Catholic Church to either permit the priests to marry -
Or add the advantages of Masturbation in their seminarian curriculum -

Nature has its own ways and means !   

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