Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It Seems Gordon Brown Isn't Honest and Open !

Yes, yes, We don't know it for a fact, or don't we ! - - -

BBC Channel 4

But we depend on the media to snoop and scoop all those closed door ac
tivities of our world leaders - - -

All world leaders, almost all, that is, point accusing fingers at those above them - - -

And when they themselves are on top, in time, they turn the pointing fingers at the media they used to reach up - - -

That's the norm --- and both are at their jobs !

There's a hell-of-a storm blo
wing in the ''Mother of Parliaments'' --- British Parliament.

We didn't call it that --- British Press used the adage !

And now we have the Daily Telegraph leaking and the BBC Channel 4 is lapping it all up to feed us.

Gordon Brown. The man who succeeded the infamous ''right-hand-of-George-Bush'' Tony Blair.
Brown isn'
t Black. But it seems, he isn't clean white either.

He too has joined his minis
trial minions in swindling public money through Expenses-Incurred-As-A-Member-of-Parliament-trickery.

Trickery ? Whatelse ??

The swindlers insist that they are within the rules !

But they themselves made the rules ! !

Isn't that wile ? Isn't that guile ? Isn't that skulduggery ?

Anyway what did Gordon Brown do ?

For all his hocus-pocus ''Gordon Brown paid his brother Andrew thousands of pounds for a cleaner they shared''.

That's NOT all - - -

--- Communities Secretary Hazel Blears made claims on three different properties in one year, as well as a stay in an exclusive hotel.

Hazel Blears

--- Jack Straw claimed for full payment of council tax when he was actually getting a 50 per cent discount. He later repaid the difference. But he did make a ''Claim'' and he was ''Paid''.

Jack Straw - Lord Ch

--- Peter Mandelson ran up bills of thousands of pounds for work on his constituency home after he had announced he was stepping down as an MP.

Peter ''Lord'' Mandelson

The last named was ''made'' a Lord by Tony Blair.

Can you see the dirty fingers weaving in-and-out and
all over the Community that leads a Public Life at the expense of Public Money and preach morality to us.

Andrew Thomas of BBC Channel 4 has filed an informative and schocking, if not shameful, report

Andrew Thomas BBC Channel4

You can have the inside scoop here !

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