Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Of Tony Blair and His Destroyed '' Expenses Claim'' File

Remember Tony Blair --- The Right Hand Man of the infamous President George W. Bush.

Tony Blair was, at one time, more famous as the Right Hand Man of George Bush than for his official designation of Prime Minister of Great Britain and United Kingdom --- the UK.

Of course he became notorious with murder of the soft spoken Weapons Inspector of the United Nations in Iraq, Dr David Kelly.

He insisted, there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq with President Saddam Hussein.

For that Dr David Kelly was murdered to go to war with Iraq.

We, the people with common sense, call it ''murder'', though a Specially appointed Lord Judge was completely blind to all evidences presented to him and willed it ''suicide''.

The Judge was appointed by Tony Blair himself.

Now another scandal is breaking around him.

You remember the present day agitation in the British Parliament.

Yeah, most of the House of Representatives are busy
standing in queues to pay back large sums of money to the ''Fee Office''.

No, no they are not being generous at all.

They are paying back the money they ''swindled'' out of the Government.

The nasty bunch of MPs were caught with their pants down by Daily Telegraph. Shameless Rascals.

So what does that go to do with our Tony Blair ?

We'll tell you.

Somehow, by mistake, by an over sight, by an error,
inadvertently, what else do they say in government offices
for a bloomer ? they have shredded the ''Expense Claim''
file of Tony Blair.

Bloody Holy Cow !

The total amount involved is too large for us common folks.
Forty bloody three thousand sterling pounds, it is !

The only file to go missing !!

It is a criminal offence to destroy documents to prevent their disclosure under freedom of information (FOI) laws.

We have a Stand-Up-Straight-Man in Member of Parliament Norman Baker.

He says of the lamentable inefficiency of the Fees Office ::

“How convenient that some of Tony Blair’s expenses have been shredded. This is either incompetence or obstruction of the Freedom of Information Act and should be properly investigated.”

Norman Baker is the MP who went on an 18 months Investigative Study on the ''Murder of Dr David Kelly.

Alastair Campbell, the Right-Hand-Man and Director of Communications and Strategy of Tony Blair too should be investigated.

He is the man that ''Sexed Up'' the Weapons Report ---
He was subjected to Alcohol Abuse ---
He was detained by Scotland Police for ''Odd'' behaviour ---
He punched a fellow Journalist over a joke ---
An unbalanced man ?!
He advised on presentation aspects of the "Iraq Dossier" and commented WMD's in Iraq, "Come on, you don't seriously think we won't find anything?"
He resigned in August 2003 after the Lord Hutton Inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly.

The source of story by Jon Ungoed-Thomas is here

So far the House of Commons authorities to block disclosure have spent on legal bills to cost the taxpayer over £150,000.

Hmmm, British Parliament is not above those of the 3rd World countries after all !!!
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Radical Changes by Obama and No Protests by Any

President Barak Obama announced new and tough proposals for
American vehicles.

There would a National Standard for Vehicle Emissions ---

All overlapping rules will be replaced.

Vehicle manufacturers will be required to improve fuel efficiency by 5% a year from 2012.

And reach an average of 39 miles per gallon for passenger cars, and 30 miles per gallon for light lorries.
US Vehicle Manufacturers and AAA Drivers Association welcome the move.

The extra purchase price of vehicles will be off set by cheaper fuel price.

This consensus proposal will remove 177 million cars from the roads in seven years. Today there are 250 million cars on American roads.

The savings in oil will amount to last year's combined US imports from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Libya and Nigeria,

Changes He Promised and Changes are being Delivered !

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