Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lankan Tamils Daily Insulted and Assaulted By Politically Sponsored Thugs After Sri Lankan Govt Defeated LTTE

Ethnic Selective Punishment by Inaction and Blind Eyes of Lethargic Officials of the President Rajapakse of Sri Lanka ---

Mahinda Rajapakse

Sinhalese thugs force themselves into Lankan Tamil homes and demand money to celebrate their victory of the LTTE.

Does the Lankan Government accept Tamil Tigers as the ''SOLE'' representatives of Lankan Tamils as proclaimed by the LTTE ?

The ''silent'' majority of the Lankan Tamils did not accept the myopic views and policies of the Tamil Tigers.

It is evident from a comment of V Pirabakaran, the pseudo leader of Lankan Tamils, in November 1995 to his political advisor, late Anton Balasingham: ''Educated people are against us''.

Except for the riff raff of the community Lankan Tamils, in general, are educated.

It appears the unofficial policy of the Lankan Government today is to physically assault and destroy household goods of Tamils in general.

The J R Jayewardene's Government adopted the ''Assault Tamils and Destroy Their Goods'' policy in July 1983.

From the 4th day JVP, the Sinhala terror organization, stepped in with ''Bussed-Thugs'' armed with ''Voters List'' to identify the homes of Tamils.

A Thug

Before JR's government woke up most Tamil business establishments, namely Cyntex, were destroyed.

Leading business men were brazenly stabbed to death. A glaring example is that of KG Gunaratnam of KG Industries.

And ''Shoot-to-Kill-Looters'' order was imposed only after the economy structure of Tamils was effectively damaged, but not irreparably though.

Today in the Rajapakse Government the Sri Lankan Police is refusing to record statements of victims of ''ethnic'' assaults.

''No Records and Therefore Nothing Happened''. Copied from Josip Stalin's policy of old Russia.

The media is in the safe pockets of Rajapakse Government and shamelessly fawns upto the powers-that-be.

Media People with moral character and courage were eliminated by ruthless governments till Lasantha Wicrematunge was done in during this Rajapakse government.

Lasantha Wickrematunge

Remember the Journalists who stood up against Sri Lankan Governments and their cruel fate !!

Lasantha Wickrematunge, Richard de Zoysa, and the list goes on and on into Tamil writers too.

Richard de Zoysa, journalist

Just before the 1956 racial riots the then Prime Minister, ''Old Sevala Banda'', SWRD Bandaranayke, said
''They asked for it,and they are getting it''.

Just before the racial riots of July 1983, the President J R Jayawardane said, ''We are going to break some heads''.

This time around a secret and effective campaign is underway in the cities of Sri Lanka

The Media and the Police both have closed their eyes and do not report or record the atrocities.

Let us know the Institution that could bring these atrocities out in the open --- and compile details of ''ethnic assault'' with a vision of charging the government of failure to protect citizens from bodily harm.

Let's avoid multi and varied actions to promote personal and selfish reasons, as in the past.

We are sure there are millions of right thinking people in the Sinhalese Community. They are ''silent'' as is usual in any society.

Basil Fernando, Executive Director of Asian Human Rights Commission, Hong Kong, in his open letter to all Sri Lankans reminds us the story of Angulimala and concludes he mourns for all, including Pirabakaran, that sacrificed their lives for a ''cause''.

The 'Open Letter' could be had here

Let's join together under a single umbrella for Lankan Tamils.

We must avoid the path of ''hatemongers'' of our political spectrum .

We must take the path of ''friendship towards our neighbours''.

We must build a nation of peace and properity for our grandchildren.

Our children followed our selfish politicians and Tamil Tigers and failed.

We have to initiate action or join someone who has already organized a platform for action.

Please leave out the LTTE supporters.

LTTE has lost credibility. And therefore any action by its supporters will be for the detriment of the Lankan Tamils.

The President may be a victim of ''Cover Up'' by his minions, ''Yes Sir'' officers and Communal minded scum of the earth.

UN is initiating a fact finding mission on the Human Rights violations in Sri Lanka.

But here in Sri Lanka it is worse than what it is in Zimbabwe, the Southern African nation where assault on people is rampant.

Please be involved and active. Its our moral duty.

The humane sense in you should compel you ...

Rope in all those whom you know ---

President Rajapakse, announcing the defeat of Tamil Tigers, spoke a few words in Tamil to assure the ''Silent Tamils'' of better treatment and promised a political settlement soon.

As the situation is worsening day by day there will not be a Tamil Community to enjoy the promised fruits of autonomy.

There would be a Tamil Community reduced to Beggary.

And President Rajapakse will surely NOT win the hearts of all Tamil speaking communities.

Only the Bija would remain !


Anonymous said...

You are right about forming one united group (with branches in each country, raising funds) to fight (peacefully) for the Tamil cause. You should try to get a recognised group such as Amnesty International or another peace charity recognised by the UN to agree a strategy to achieve recognition and equal rights for Tamil's in SL, then you should find it easier to raise money to publicise your cause worldwide as well as to mount an election campaign in SL. But please remember that making comments such as " Sinhalese thugs" and insinuating that all should be in that category will not do the cause any good and will only cause more tension and will earn less respect. Just remember not all Tamil's were terrorists, most only wanted peace and fair play by the Government of SL. Fight and challenge the government, but by using brains, and not guns.

So join together and produce the best web site and campaign advertisements, then the funds will come in, but use it well and hope for a better future for all. Good luck


bena said...

My dear Anon Sir, first let me thank you for your considered comment.
When you say 'remember that making comments such as " Sinhalese thugs" and insinuating that all should be in that category will not do the cause any good ' I agree in toto.
I have many friends in Sinhala community and they all sympathise with us but would never condone or try to see anything good in ltte.
As for funds etc am sorry am neither a good leader nor an organizer.
I am a pure and simple 'worker'and am willing to join and work with a good leader that would promote unity and friendship with fellow community: Sinhalese and yearn for peace and harmony for dear Lanka.
Your comment is vallued.