Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sri Lanka Building a United New Nation from Ashes of Thirty-Year War

The Civil War in Sri Lanka is closer to our hearts and was a damn pain in the head.

Sri Lanka

In that the Nation was split into unimaginable smithereens of opinions and vengeful oppositions.
We didn't know whether we were coming or going.

The majority of the ''Majority'' wanted to be rid of the suicidal menace, the cancer in our society without any personal involvement. This hands-off attitude, prolonged the agony.

An erudite, magnanimous minority among the ''Majority'' was of the noble sentiment :: ''the ''Minority'' must be given their due rights and for heaven sake NOT much more''.

All versions of minority used the similar language and yet, sadly were disjointed

And there was the high players within the Defence Ministry and the Armed Forces anxious to make dough while bullets and bombs shone.

Dough Made

The general public indulged in gossips and nothing much more. They had nothing to lose and therefore had neither the inclination to make hay nor haa hoo.

On the other side of the divide the mind set was different. The victim normally and naturally remembers.

For little more than three generations the leaders of the ''Majority'' of 85% made several varied promises on many issues. Language, Land, Education, Employment, Housing and what else ?

And in politics, universally, there is an established unethical maxim :: ''Promises are Made to be Broken''.

We need not list out the open indecent secret, where and when the ''Minority'' were '' Let Down''.

It resulted in thirty years of unwanted unnecessary struggle at the hands of a psychopath.


Now that it is over and the due exhilaration and celebrations are subsiding the Government should embrace the Tamil, Muslim and other Races.

And the rest of us of the 15% should grasp the hand of friendship extended towards us and commence co-operation with the Government to build our Nation.

Children should learn all three languages but two at the least. Any two would do.

All Government Officers should know the Language of the Region they are engaged in.

The Majority has to be magnanimous towards its younger sibling for Peace and Prosperity within the Lankan Family

Detailed Report by CNN is here

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