Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stem Cells grow into 220 spare tissue parts of our body. Heart, Lung, Kidney or any and give new life to 10s of 1000s of patients

Stem Cells could be grown into any of the almost 220 human tissues in the body.

It’s just like buying any spare part for any of your household items from Motor Car to the Wall clock that decorates your living room.

That’s it,  Stem Cells could be grown into any spare part for the body.  Heart or a Lung or Kidney or anything else that is diseased and damaged.

Also Stem Cells could treat adverse conditions like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and even spinal cord injury.

The former World’s Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Cassius Clay re-named Muhamed Ali comes to mind.

However,  a doubt is there in us,  if the elated boasts of scientists could go to the length of creating a person’s brain intact with all the data acquired in his life’s time ?

Embryonic Stem Cell is the most favoured by the ”culture artists” that grow spare organs in a laboratory.  But Human Life Activists wouldn’t let it go forward even at the cost of millions of anxious patients.

A hindering deafening voice rose up to say,  ”Embryo is Human Life even it be a few day’s old”.

Roman Catholic Church obstructed no end,  joined in by the infamous George Bush who cut off funds for Stem Cell Research.

Popes of the Catholic Church were all obstructionists of advancement of science.  Remember Galileo of ”Earth is Round” fame ?

Four hundred years ago the old man Galileo was forced to recant his theory of ”World is Round and it Revolves Around the Sun and NOT Sun goes by Earth”.

After recanting he stepped down from the Witness Box muttering ”Yet it moves”.

The last Polish Pope apologised publicly for the ”Wrong Done to Galileo Four Centuries Back”.

Today we have the good news from the Edinburgh University that Stem Cells could be prepared from the ”Skin of Patient” in limitless amount.

No longer an embryo is required.  Effectively shutting up the Pro-Life Activists.

And the Immune System of Patient has to accept the ”New Organ” as it is no stranger and carries the same DNA.

Sir Ian Wilmut, cloned Dolly the Sheep, says of his team’s effort as a ’significant step towards regenerative medicine’.

An year before Stem Cells were produced from skin of adults.

But it involved injecting certain viruses.  They carry extra four genes.  And these had the potential to turn cancerous.  Therefore, such Stem Cells were not suitable for human patients.

Now the research team from  universities of Edinburgh and Toronto have found a way to avoid the viruses.

The new technique, electroporation,  implant the extra genes through the pores of the skin and remove them once the process is complete presenting clean healthy cells.

Almost half of Europe is against use of  embryonic stem cells.

Now the ‘pro-lifers’ have nothing to cry over and the millions of patients have hope of being cured of their dreaded diseases !

US Food and Drug Administration has now approved study on ”human embryonic stem cell therapy”.  They considered the 21,000 page application for many months.

George Bush cut off all funding to Stem Cell Research except sixty lines that used embryos collected before August 2001.

Even though scientists warned only twenty of them were eligible cell lines.

It would be enlightening to enquire why George Bush provided funds for Stem Cell Research to a very narrow field when he had scant regard for ”Human Life”.

The FDA’s positive decision comes too late !

They claim the in-coming of Obama’s administration has had no influence on their decision.

Their denial is rendered ineffective when it is public knowledge a more pragmatic and science focused outlook was intended by the new administration.

The winds of change !!

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Cynthia Beattie Mcgill said...

Stem cell therapy is set to become a major part of ATS, cancer, hearing loss treatments and of course plastic surgery. The need is however, is to ensure that these are stored in perfect condition before actually getting transplanted to the receiver’s body. This has made the industry of 'controlled rate freezers' to grow at a fast pace to keep up with the demand. I am doing a paper on ‘The Uses of Stem Cell Perseverance and the Techniques of Storing Them’ and found your post valuable.
Cynthia Beattie Mcgill

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