Monday, December 28, 2009

US opposes, UK says ''No'', EU pleads ''Don't'', the Whole World frowns - But Israel goes on building new houses ''Regardless''!

Israel is to build 700 homes in mainly Arab East Jerusalem.

And thereby put an end to peace talks.

In 1967, the Arab Nations, led by  Egypt, Syria and a reluctant Jordan invaded Israel.

The lonely Israel not only chased them away --- and how the Arabs ran ! --- leaving behind arms and ammunitions and their ''Boots too''.

Oh! How we laughed our guts out on seeing pictures of millions of boots strewn in the deset sand.

The Hero-to-be Gen Abdel Nazzer of Egypt made that cowardly, absurdity:
''American Bombers have joined Israel against us''.

No american planes ever participated in any single raid.  It showed how ferocious a lone-nation could fight 100s of 1000s and still win.

Israel war planes took off, bombed a target and returned to load bombs and go off again. 

A mere 14 minutes was their turn around time.

The Egyptian war planes were all destroyed on the groundd before a single plane took off.

Israel planes flew below Radars, manned by Russians, and went in the direction the Egyptians were blind.

No wonder the great bluffer General Nazzer of Egypt thought 1000s of american planes are flying in Israel Air Force.

And the worst of all, "American Pilots are flying Israeli planes''.
Suppose,  just suppose,  the Arabs won and Israel lost in the 1967 war ?

Would the Arabs have allowed Israel to survive as a Jewish nation in the region ?

We normally, always with no exception, support the ''Weak'', the ''Under Dog'', the ''victim''.

We detest the brash boaster, we ''will'' the bully to fall,  we laugh and hoot when the bully is flat on the ground with mouth filled with sand !

Israel faced almost six Arab nations and we sided with Israel morally and prayed like the blazes for them.

Now that Israel has turned ''bully'',
acting worse than the Nazi Adolf Hitler, our sympathy has turned towards the Palestinians.

Are we mad or the damn Jews who are hated by all races for the last 2500 years ?

Even William Shakespeare, 400 years back,  depicted the Jews worthy of our utmost ''HATE''!!!

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