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Manny Pacquiao, wonder boxer, only world champion in ''seven'' weight divisions, his speed doesn't slow till end of last round

  Manny                                 Corazon

Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao (pronounced ''pækjaʊ'', born December 17, 1978,  

He is more commonly known as ''Manny''  Pacquiao.  A Filipino professional boxer. 
The only septuple (seven) weight world champion in boxing history.  

Presently, he fights in the welterweight division.

Ring Magazine rates him as the #1 ''pound-for-pound'' boxer in the world.

Pacquiao has participated in politics, acting in films, and music recording.

Pacquiao was born in Mindanao, the Muslim province of insurgency.  
But   currently resides in General Santos City. 
His wife is Jinkee Pacquiao and they have four children. 

On February 24, 2007, in Cebu City, Pacquiao was booed by thousands of spectators.

Shows fickleness of mind of his Filipino supporters. 

Pacquiao's appeal diminished due to his political ambition. His fights attract noticeably smaller audiences,  says biographer in Wikipedia.. 

President Arroyo's endorsement of Pacquiao is in place,  whenever he takes the plunge into serious politics.

On May 17, 2007, Pacquiao suffered a lopsided election defeat with a deficit of approximately 37,000 votes.  
He lost a huge sum of money.   
His supporters funneled campaign funds to their own pockets. 

He became the first Filipino athlete to appear on a postage stamp.

Pacquiao was quoted by ''Time'' Magazine as an influential person of the year 2009. 

''Forbes'' Magazine had him in its annual Celebrity 100 list for the year 2009. 

Forbes also listed Pacquiao as the world's sixth highest-paid athlete, with a total of $40 million. 

Philipines is the first country to successfuly use ''people's power'' to chase the hated Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos from Presidential Palace.

People's President Curazon Acquino handed over power voluntarily when her term of office was over.  

Much more decent a politician than most today.

Writer is proud to have had her as a pen friend in 1950s.

Philipines is also sadly a country that has one its former presidents in prison, Joseph Estrada.

Estrada should not have been elected for any public office in the first place.
He was a film actor,  well known and publicly accepted ''womanizer'' and an unprincipled man in life throughout.

Manny Pacquiao may be sympathetic towards poor people.  

But the question remains: Will the other selfishly crafty politicians of Philipines allow him to do a proper job ?

Observers doubt it very much !

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