Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sensual description of beauty ''Sita'' looking at Rama for the first time and how her 'alkul' twitched for joy

 Women Farmer has no land Rights

Every worthy language has its own literature developed over 1000s of years.

In them we experience poetic description of beautiful and captivatng women.   In Greek the story of Helen of Troy
tells us in a beautiful description: ''The Face That Launched 1000 Ships''.  

Then we have the ''Seven Veils Dance of Salome'', after which she asks for and is given the head of 
John the baptizer of Jesus, on a platter.  Grusome people. 

Coming to East we have the sensual description of the beauty ''Sita'' looking from her balcony,  
at Rama down below for the first time and how her 'alkul' twitched for joy, 
according to the sage poet Kampan, not me, no Sir, not at all Sir.

But do we have any religion in the world that grants equal rights to woman with man ?


And if ''necessity'' is the father or mother of invention,  then of 'necessity' we got to invent
a woman look  alike God and a religion to suit the new deity.

Besides,  world over,  food is grown and produced by agriculture services.  And it is women 
who handle most of the manual labour work in farms.

And they have no ''Land Rights''.

"Consider the daily life of the world’s typical small farmer," said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,   "She lives in a rural village in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, or Latin America."

That's right: women grow more than half of the world's food,  as much as 80 percent,  of the food in developing countries, reports the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Despite their majority contribution, however, women only own 2 percent of the world's land, according to UN WomenWatch. 

Around the world, women are deprived of legal rights to the land they toil over day after day.

Rural Development Institute (RDI), an NGO that helps farmers in developing countries get legal land rights.   It is launching a new Global Center for Women's Land Rights. 

Obama pledged a minimum of $3.5 billion over the next three year as a contribution to the $20 billion pledged by all the G-8 nations toward strengthening global agricultural systems.

"We have seen again and again . . . that women are entrepreneurial, accountable, and practical," said Clinton. "So women are a wise investment. And since the majority of the world’s farmers are women, it’s critical that our investments in agriculture leverage their ambition and perseverance."

At last the world seems to be crawling around to progress, on bended knee though !

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