Thursday, November 5, 2009

Iran Lost A Battle On The High Seas --- Shipment Proves Iran's Support For Terror Organizations --- And Brazen Disregard of UN Resolutions

Hundreds of tons of weaponry, the largest arms seizure in Israel's history, were intercepted in a daring raid by Israeli naval commandos.

Francop, a German cargo ship flying Antiguan flag with a Captain of Polish origin passed Israel some 100 miles off the coast.

Israel Commandos in two navy vessels boarded without encountering resistance.

The Captain readily gave the cargo certificates, which indicated that some of the hundreds of containers on board had originated in Iran and were on their way to the Lattakia Port in Syria.

Israel believes they would have been unloaded and then transferred to Hizbullah.

The total shipment was estimated to weigh over 500 tons and included thousands of rockets and shells of various types, including 122 mm. Russian-made Katyushas, which have a range of some 30 kilometers.

The ship's crew were unaware of the weapons on board, as the armaments were disguised as humanitarian aid. Some of the other containers contained toilets, milk powder and piles of sacks - each weighing 25 kilograms - filled with polyethylene and made by the Amir Kabir National Petrochemical Company based in Teheran.

Brig.- Gen. Rani Ben-Yehuda, deputy commander of the Israel Navy said, '' This is the third time this year that Iran has disregarded international law and United Nations Security Council resolutions that forbid it to transfer weaponry''.

The navy, he said, regularly conducted operations hundreds of miles from Israel's shores to inspect ships suspected of carrying illegal weapons from Iran to terror proxies like Hizbullah and Hamas.

He added that even though the Iranian containers were loaded at port of Damietta in Egypt, the Egyptians were totally unaware of the ship's contents.

This type of blatant disregard for decency in diplomacy and UN resolutions could be expected from, yet another,  ''Election Stealing'' President of Iran.

What else can one expect from a pig other than a grunt.

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