Saturday, November 7, 2009

Question asked by: knowitall - - - How can I improve my spelling ? And the Answer is . . . !

'' If you want to improve your spelling, then start reading!

Read the words on the page in a book and note how they are all spelt.

Note down words that you get wrong normally and write them ten times on a sheet of paper.

Build up a book of the words that you spell wrong and therefore learn the correct spelling at the same time - over a few months your spelling will improve markedly! ''

Most students and under-Graduates of Universities do not understand our simple ''Memory System''. 

But complain and throw a fit because they can't memorize what they ought to remember at examinations.

Simple.  Our memory works this way.  Repetition is the general method.  A singular method is to  ''Add the new item learnt today,  to already known items.''

In class  today a new piece of knowledge is learnt.  This is an addition to those that we learnt earlier.  Soon after the class discuss the ''new item'' among yourselves.  In the absence of interested friends,  you must discuss it well within yourself.

As you read the question in the exam hall, the answer floats in your mind without your permission.

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