Saturday, November 7, 2009

Indian government armed and trained the LTTE. Also India has done everything to block demand for investigation of Human Rights violations

Sri Lanka Guardian - - - Gist of an interview with English world remowned author and famously controversial social activist Ms Arundathi Roy by Nilantha Ilangamuwa  - - - 

“That the Indian government armed and trained the LTTE is well known. But then it switched sides. India has done everything it can, including blocking the demand for an investigation into the possibility that the Sri Lankan government might be guilty of having committed war crimes in this war against the Tamil people of Sri Lanka.”

Most right wing governments deal with criticicm in the way of old Bush doctrine ‘If you are not with us you are with the terrorists.” 
I refuse to submit to it. I am in no way pro LTTE nor have I ever been. 

I cannot admire those whose vision can only accommodate justice for their own and not for everybody. 
However I do believe that the LTTE and its fetish for violence was cultured in the crucible of monstrous, racist, injustice that the Sri Lankan government and to a great extent Sinhala society visited on the Tamil people for decades. 
I also believe that the LTTE must take at least some responsibility for the cataclysm that has befallen the people it claimed it spoke for, and fought for.

For hundreds of thousands of people to be herded into camps and held there by a government that is so blatantly gloating over its military victory over them is a terrifying situation.

The use of the term 'concentration camp' does seem appropriate given the few testimonies that have made their way out of the steel wall of silence the government has erected around them. 

If these testimonies are untrue, and if the Government of Sri Lanka has nothing to hide it should allow the media free access to the camps so they can see what is going on.

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