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Wind Turbine 4 Better World 4 Our Children

Truly Eco- and Bird-Friendly Wind Turbine

By Jasmine Greene on

The death of avian life is perhaps one of the most common arguments against wind farms. The idea that wind turbines kill birds started originally from the large rate of bird deaths, around 4,700 annually, at the wind farm in Altamont, CA

New technology has created wind turbines that use larger blades and move at much slower speeds, which allows birds to avoid the blades altogether.  In fact, there are more bird deaths caused by birds flying into windows than killed by wind turbines. 

Of course, even without the bird deaths, one of the major issues many take with wind energy is their appearance. Tall, unwieldy and ugly, many communities simply find the turbines unseemly and would rather not have them built. 

There is a solution for both problems. The Helix Wind Savonious 2.0, main offices located in San Deigo, is a "2kW rated turbine that can be tower-mounted between 14 and 35 feet or roof mounted just 2 feet above roof line. The rotor measures 6ft by 4ft (1.8m by 1.2m) and utilizes long helical blade scoops to maximize energy performance in turbulent, gusty or multi-directional wind conditions" 

Not only is this new wind turbine much smaller than traditional ones, it also moves at a much slower speed, so both birds and bats recognize the rotor as a solid object. And compared to other wind turbines, the Helix is also operates at less than 5 decibels above background noise These turbines can also be used for various uses from home to industrial.

As we advance our technology, we also advance our alternative energy sources. The major complaints of ten years ago are a thing of the past as scientists and designers find out new ways to make green energy safer, prettier and more efficient.

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We must strive to leave a safer world for our children.  

Firstly we must teach our children to understand skin colour and different heritages and cultures.

Secondly we must set in place sustainable natural energy as our legacy. 

Am interested in natural energy: Wind and Water to produce electricity. 

Is it feasible under laws of Physics - - - A quarter horse power battery operated motor - - -  It turns a large weighted wheel - - - the dynamo attached to the wheel produces electricity.

The electricity operates all the appliances in the home and also charges the battery. 

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