Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sri Lankan Boat People and Asylum Seekers

In recent times the Sri Lankan Govt defeated the ruthless Tamil Tigers.
Almost all of the leaders of the terrorist group were killed in battle.
Tamil Tigers from Leader to Lowest Cadre carry cyanide capsule around their neck.
Tamil Tigers bite the capsule and kill themselves when about to fall into hands of enemy.
''Tamil Tigers never surrender'',  said their remorseless leader Pirabaharan.

Sri Lankan Govt was helped by 19 countries to defeat the Tamil Tigers.

Therefore, the Australian govt is wary of the Sri Lankan ''Boat People'' trying to enter Australia illegally on the sly.  

Australian Government is well aware of the remnants and dregs of Tamil Tigers that staged violent demonstrations and threw acid on faces of two students.
And a Tamil Radio Broadcast that spews vitriolic racial comments on the Tamils who seek unity with their Lankan Sinhalese counterparts.

At the same time,  Australian Govt is conscious of ''International Opinion''.   Boat People cannot be shoved back into the sea,  inhumanely,  just as Thailand did a few weeks back.

This BBC  news   - - - '' A rescue operation is under way after a boat carrying about 40 people sank off the Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean, Australian officials have said.
At least 17 people have been rescued by a merchant ship that is in the area.
The Cocos Islands - an Australian ocean territory - lie roughly halfway between Australia and Sri Lanka.''
  was  found here

Australia is a multi-racial country.   A few drunken goons and paid thugs have assaulted a few Indians in the recent past and earned a bad name for Australia.

Generally the Australians are a hard working,  generous and jovial people.   Almost all get along well with everyone without racial prejudices.

However,  some fanatical racial and religious groups have caused social problems.

We wish to suggest to the Australian Government that each person that enters this land should be guided to acclimatise racially and religiously and join the mainstream.
In that,  they should learn English and never ever disturb the peace of the main society.

In the event the ''Boat People''  do not co-operate,  the Australian Government should politely return them home.

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