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Socrates Taught and Earned the Enmity of Elders and at Home the Foul Mouth of His Wife. Wise are Doomed.

This morning found this post of three years old.  Very interesting, just like the ''An Open Door is a Shut Door'' kind.

Enjoy it and let's pray Premraj Tripathy is happy am sharing his stuff with you all.  Amen.  

Riddle of Socretes

By  Premraj Tripathy

On  14/Aug/2006  

Socretes was the greatest philosopher Europe has ever produced. 

Born around two thousand five hundred years ago.
He was a Greek  and was famous for his deep philosophical insight and logical arguments. 

Unfortunately, his wisdom turned out to be his enemy and resulted in his spending his last days in prison. 
He was sentenced to death by drinking poison.  

In one of his renowned riddles, he conveys the futility of  illogical application of meanings to statements. 

He framed two sentences, which, when taken as absolute truths, will prove themselves to be false and repeat the riddle continuously without end !! 

 See this:-

Truth One:- All Greeks are absolute liars.
Truth Two:- I am a Greek.

So what follows is:-

1)  If all Greeks are absolute liars, then I, being a Greek, am an absolute liar too. 

2)  So my statement that "all Greeks are absolute liars" is an absolute lie. 

3)  Which means that all Greeks are absolutely truthful. 

4)  If so, then I, being a Greek, am absolutely truthful.

5)  Then my statement that "all Greeks are absolute liars" is  absolutely true.

6) From which it again follows that all Greeks are absolute liars !!

and so on and on...................

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