Thursday, November 5, 2009

Zimbabwe School Teachers Not Paid Their Salaries Since February and They Fear ZANU-PF Thugs Who Murdered MDC Supporters Last Election Days

One of Zimbabwe's many unqualified teachers talks about her fears   

Teachers remain suspects in the eyes of these war veterans and youths intimidation from a local Zanu-PF official is the prime suspect in the violence which gripped the area last year.

They move around with Zanu-PF party regalia, forcing us all to remain with them like captives.

One MDC supporter was brutally murdered by the gang he led, but the suspects have impunity because they are supporters of Zanu-PF.

We all froze as he spoke, as this was the man who had tormented village folks in the disputed elections.

My class has 54 pupils instead of the required 38 or 40 because of a high turnout of pupils this year - hunger and politics disturbed them last year.

I have survived without a salary since February because my family send me groceries. Groceries worth US$40 can last me the whole month.

I hope that sanity may prevail and with a new constitution there will be rule of law and those who committed crimes will be arrested.

I may go back because I want to be working and I have the passion to teach children in remote parts of the country.

I hope I will leave my own mark for a future generation.


The ''Murderer'' Mugabe                                                      Prime Miniter Morgan Tsvangirai


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