Monday, November 9, 2009

Ronald Regan a Political Cowboy Yelled and Ranted but Berlin Wall Wouldn't Budge But when Regan Spoke with Mikhail Gorbachev Wall Came Down


The 40th President of US of America Ronald Regan was a political cowboy.
Regan came out of his Hollywood '' B '' films and 2nd rate TV series,  playing swashbuckling gun slinger and fell into Governorship of California.

Alonso Quijano in Huffington Post has this to say of Ronald Regan.

Ronald Reagan was a fraud and hypocrite.  When Regan became California governor he found a popular but stupid solution to a 10% deficit in the state budget.   
He ordered ALL state agencies to make do with 90% of the previous year's budget. 
No thinking needed, no evaluations needed, no compromises needed.
AND THEN he made an exception -- the governor's office budget had to be tripled !!!

The recent "Marie Antoinette" attitude of Wall Street was learned at Reagan's knee.

[We say]  Banks lent money to people who couldn't afford to pay back,  in the long run.
Bankers patted their own backs and paid themselves huge amounts in bonuses
on the total sums lent out.
Once the repayments stopped,  as they would naturally 'cos borrowers could ill afford 
repayment, Banks sucked in and collapsed.   And so did the World.

Ronald Regan yelled "Evil Empire'' at Soviet Union,   shouted  ''Bring Down This Wall'' at Mikhail Gorbachev,  the then leader of Soviet Union,  entred into an ''Arms Race'' with Soviet Union.

Nothing worked.

Ronald Regan entered into talks with Mikhail Gorbachev and 'Everything happened'.

The Berlin Wall came down - - -  the Soviet Sattilites ''the Eastern Europe'' were free to go their own different ways.

Ronald Regan wasn't a wise and brave man as the US of American cheap writers would have us believe.  He was hand picked by Poppy Bush and had himself imitated by Junior Bush.  That's all!

Today Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton both believe in ''negotiations and not confrontations'' and their efforts will certainly bear fruit.  
It takes courage to nogotiate with an enemy,  an old enemy at that.

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